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Do you want your home or office to shine like a polished diamond? Then you’ve arrived at your destination – London Cleaners. Instead of using a bunch of fancy words, we have only one that is our initial and essential pursuit, and that is “perfection”. Even the slightest irregularity can’t escape from our sight. A microscopic spot won’t be missed by our trained specialists with a keen eye for details.

When cleaning a home or an office, we really do wonders, and we do them professionally and fast. You’ll be surprised by the tidiness that we leave behind. The results we achieve will make you feel delighted that you chose us. In the blink of an eye the mess transforms into cleanliness, the chaos into order. Our services include domestic and office cleaning in general and subcategories, such as end of tenancy cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning
Carpet cleaning and carpet washing done by domestic cleaners in London. Book cleaning services and have a clean home with ease. Learn more
Domestic Cleaning
Fantastic domestic cleaning service in London includes carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, floor cleaning, all done by professional cleaners. Learn more
Office Cleaning
Quality industrial and commercial cleaning done by professional cleaning company. Our London cleaners will clean everything for you. Learn more
Upholstery Cleaning
Through our London cleaning company you can find experienced cleaners of upholstery to handle carpet washing and window cleaning with ease as well. Learn more
End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Chose our London cleaning company to take care of your end-of-lease cleaning. In addition we offer furniture cleaning and carpet cleaning services. Learn more
Rug Cleaning
Rug and carpet cleaning company provides professional cleaning service in London. Avail from the wide variety of domestic cleaning services. Learn more

We provide services at any convenient for you time. There are no weekends for us, no night hours. We're there whenever you need us! And even if you need another type of cleaning service, you can always ring us up on 020 3397 3245 and consult us on what we can do for your inquiry.

We'll do whatever it takes to try to assist you even with the most unusual inquiries. And it doesn't matter if you book us for cleaning your entire house or office, or just some parts of them.

Our specialists dedicate their time and skills for every type of cleaning, and they indeed achieve high quality. Our capable experts don't spare themselves for the next engagement but divide their efforts equally depending on what they do now and for you.

We operate with high-quality equipment and biodegradable detergents, so you can rest assured that we've taken care of the safety of the property we're cleaning as well as your own or the one of your employees

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All our specialists are trusted people

So you can confide your concerns to them undoubtedly. Moreover, they are masters in giving professional cleaning advice and can practically answer every single question regarding cleaning. So, go ahead and ask without hesitation!

Our office staff is also very polite and delighted to assist you. Following customers' instructions is among our priorities alongside perfectionism, of course. In fact, both can be combined well when reaching the most convenient decision for your needs in particular. We’re good at adjusting and developing because we strive for improvement and for giving high-quality services.

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Before you reach the right decision, we want to give you some basic information about the services we provide:

  • Our domestic cleaning is aimed towards consumers. It resembles maid services and includes cleaning of houses and accommodations with all the belongings therin, such as carpets, windows and furniture. But you can always book us to clean something on its own, for instance and not your entire property. Generally, such cleaning consists of services that aren't needed on a regular basis, but we offer regular house cleaning as well.
  • End-of-tenancy cleaning is basically a deep cleaning that serves landlords or people who want to sell their home. If they want their property to look superb and thus to attract potential tenants or buyers, they need to take care of every small detail. That's where we come in handy.
  • Upholstery cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning are more specific and require special knowledge of the matter. On the one hand, it's the type of material or fabric, and on the other, the cleaning agents that can be used on them without ruining them.
  • Office cleaning, also called commercial, is orientated towards companies. Usually it's done regularly, either monthly, weekly or



I hired LondonCleaners last week for carpet cleaning and I was very impressed with their work. My carpets looked filthy before their experts came in and worked on them. They used all this fancy equipment and before I knew it, my carpets looked and smelled amazing. I was so pleased with their work and couldn't get over what great value for money they offered. It was a great investment in my opinion. I highly recommend them and would without a doubt hire them again for professional help.

Karen Donald

We recently moved into our new house and although we found the place clean, we wanted satisfaction that it was cleaned by us too. We hired a bunch of affordable cleaners from Cleaning firm and by the end of the day, the place was shining. Safe to say, we're off to a shining start and we love this cleaning company.

Jay R.

I was struggling to keep up with all my cleaning duties for a long time, but London Cleaner changed all that forever! I'm a single mother looking after two very energetic boys, so you can imagine how it's easy for me to slip behind on all that needs doing. Finding a cleaning company that was both as professional and affordable as this one has saved me so much time, which I've been able to invest in hobbies and taking care of my sons. Everyone from the company is noticeably friendly, and give consistently great results.

Madeline F.

When I was tasked with keeping the office clean, I assumed they didn't want me to get out the mops and vacuum cleaner so I called up Cleaning firm. I hired them to take care of the office maintenance and they have been doing a stellar job. They work every day to ensure that the floors, the desks, everything is spotless. We are all happy with the work they have been doing and will be working with them for some time to come.

Mary Connelly

I was in urgent need of a professional team of cleaners to clean up my sofas. The team I hired from Cleaners London were fantastic from the word go and made my sofas look brand new. I can't thank them enough!


I recently got Cleaning London to clean four large rugs. I am pleased with the renewed look. One of the rugs was bought during a trip to Persia and was my favourite. I was a bit worried about the fabric getting damaged during the cleaning, but the team assured that they would handle it with care. They did exactly that! I am so pleased I will definitely recommend this company for their professional attitude and quality service.

Celia J.

I am thrilled with the oven cleaning services offered by Cleaning firm! I have never met a better cleaning company. I have had the team come and clean for me for months now and it really does save me heaps of time; it is great! I called the team yesterday and they are going to come tomorrow again, they are always there to help. They come out as and when I need them and that alone makes my life so much easier!

Laura R.

I highly rate Cleaning firm. This is the company that I use for my office cleaning and they are just excellent! They offer convenient and affordable services that cannot be beaten and on top of that, they do not interfere with our working hours either as they come in the mornings before we open up. Overall, they are an excellent company! I am very satisfied!

Micah Kennard

Cleaners London is the best team I have used until now. They are absolutely fantastic. I hired them about a year ago for my end of tenancy cleaning but since then and having moved into my new home, I have utilised their rug cleaning services on numerous occasions. Their services really do make all the difference and I do not know where I would be without them!

Vivien S.

A big thanks to Cleaning London! Where would I be without you?! Your office cleaning services are first class and make my working life so much easier! I have recommended you already and would recommend you to anyone else in need of a professional cleaning team.

Sue Stutes
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