Cleaning Glassware And Crystal Ornaments

Cleaning Glassware And Crystal Ornaments

Date 08Jan 2014
Cleaning Glassware And Crystal Ornaments

People love shiny things. No matter what they are, shiny surfaces will always catch everyone’s eye. Glassware is easily damaged especially while being used but as long as you look after them in the time between uses, people will be more inclined to look after them while in use. Keeping glassware in a brand new condition is difficult the more you use it but is still more than do-able. Crystal ornaments are always impressive items to own as long as they are kept in the right condition. No matter what you want to clean, make sure there are no streak or marks and you will be more than happy with their condition.

Expensive glassware should be very well looked after. Any glass is easy to scratch and damage and the only way to properly look after this is to both store and wash them properly.  Glasses shouldn’t be washed in the dishwasher as they gain a layer of soap build up and the glass becomes dull and misty. The best way to clean glassware is by hand. You should use a washing bowl instead of just the sink as the metal might scratch the surface of the glass. Use warm water and rinse with warm/hot water as using cold water will leave white streaks over the surface. To avoid watermarks, you should let the glass air dry on a cloth so they water that falls down the surface gets absorbed the cloth instead of remaining on the edge of the cloth. If you need to dry it quickly and don’t have time to let it dry on its own, then you can dry and buff it with a lint-free cloth. This also adds that extra sparkle to the glass.

If your glassware has already become cloudy, you may want to try and soak it in warm water while scrubbing at it (not using an abrasive tool if the glass is expensive). If this doesn’t work, try using white toothpaste and brushing it in. Rinse it with warm water and let it air dry in the same way as other glass. If the cloudy look is still there after this, your glasses are most likely too damaged to be repaired.

Crystal ornaments
Ornaments are designed to catch your eye. To do this, they can’t be left to collect dust and left dirty. Not only do the ornaments themselves need to be cleaned, but the display cupboard or shelf that they are on should also look spotless. You should start by removing all of the ornaments and placing them on a soft surface so they aren’t accidently scratched or damaged. Clean first the cabinet from top to bottom. If you have a glass cabinet, don’t forget the doors. You can clean glass cabinets the same way that you would clean your window but make sure you dry it thoroughly so no marks are left on the display case. Clean the ornaments individually and replace them to be displayed once again. When doing this, you should make sure you don’t touch either the ornament or the shelf with your hands as you will leave very noticeable finger prints. If you have lights in your cabinet, you should make sure they’re working efficiently. If they become dull, replace them to make sure you really bring out the attraction of the crystal ornaments.

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