The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Those Tough Stains

The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Those Tough Stains

Date 09 February 2016
The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Those Tough Stains

The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Those Tough Stains


Here we have the ultimate guide to getting rid of tough stains. You’re bound to need it one day and this guide uses everyday household items to rid your fabrics of those nightmare situations.

Red wine

Wine has just spilled all over the place, it was bound to happen, it’s probably on a light coloured surface and it’s staring back at you like death itself. Relax and take a step back, this will come right out. First of is to blot the excess with a paper towel, do not wipe or rub, simply lightly dab to remove the excess liquid from absorbing further. Next, either opt for a bottle of white wine to take the stain away, or if that’s not at hand and you think this testy method is a waste of good wine then run for the white vinegar and club soda. Mixed together they combine a great force with the acidity of the vinegar and the fizzing action of the soda.

Blackcurrant juice

With the power of many mainstream cleaning solutions nowadays you might find a spill of blackcurrant juice isn’t the nightmare it once once. However, if it’s a full scale cup all over white top fiasco, or fresh berries rubbed perfectly right into the textile you should try this cleaning trick. Again, vinegar works wonders, simply blot away the excess and drizzle on some general household vinegar. It has some amazing cleaning capabilities and the acidity works well in removing those bright pigments which stain so easily.


Coffee is the perfect beverage for a busy day on the go, which usually means it ends up one clothing or fabrics in the house leaving a swelling and obvious brown stain. Never fear, coffee is easily removed so you can get back to running around with a million things to do as quick as a flash. A pre treat with a household stain remover and regular wash should be enough to get coffee out of everyday items, but if that’s not enough or the stain is well set try mixing dish washing liquid with warm water and gently blot the area until the stain removes.
Spaghetti bolognese

Even adults struggle to enjoy a good spaghetti bolognese without slurping, and therefore spilling, beautiful bolognese juice everywhere. Worse than that, is it missed the mouth entirely and ends up in a small pile on the floor. The tomato juice is what stains with spaghetti and it is often a nightmare to remove. A fail proof remedy from ridding bolognese off everything from carpets to t-shirts is by mixing one teaspoon of ammonia to a cup of water. Dabbing the area with this is the perfect cleaning solution for a lot of common stains, but be sure to dab with clean water after to completely remove any trace of the chemical.


Kids, lord knows what they get up to but my gosh it’s messy. All too often the come back home with scuffed knees and blood from somewhere absorbed onto their clothes like a tell tale sign of being up to no good. Cleaning out blood stains has never been easier, you’re regular detergent might be enough if you wash it quick enough, if not, a good quality stain remover should do the trick. Be sure to pay attention to the instructions; many stain removal solutions require pre cleaning and time left to absorb so follow the guidelines to the letter for the best results.

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