Excellent carpet cleaning services; right from the arrival. They even took the time to help organize my place and polish other surfaces that I forgot to add on the quotation. Good job Cleaners London.
Cody Powers
Needed a cleaning agency as carpet cleaning was not for me. Needed the cheapest service. Called Cleaning London for my domestic cleaning needs. They're quick, thorough and very good at their jobs. I really liked them.
Cammy Hunt
Have recommended Cleaners London to everyone I know - I love how my home looks, and it's so affordable too.
Richard Adoue
Five starts for the team of cleaners at LondonCleaners. They keep my home looking clean and fresh, and I don't have to do anything. Love it.
P. Ainsworth
London Cleaner certainly deliver value for money when it comes to cleaning services. They're cheap to hire and are the ultimate professionals - the perfect combination.
P. Martin
The cleaners from Cleaning London are extremely professional. They always complete work to a high standard and regularly go above and beyond, doing that little bit more to leave me completely satisfied. Their prices are pretty great too. Their low prices, the quotes they give enable me to use them time and time again without feeling guilty. I've already booked them in for my next cleaning job. I will continue to use them and recommend their team to others.
Damian G.
The cleaners respected my property and got on with the work at hand. Cleaning firm certainly employ great staff and know how to impress.
Jeff R.
The carpet cleaners from LondonCleaners went above and beyond to ensure every bit of my carpet was left looking clean and healthy. They rejuvenated the state of my carpet and for that I'm very thankful.
Cameron Dim
I needed someone to help with carpet cleaning and Cleaning firm were the first to respond and offered the cheapest quote so I chose them. Glad I did as they did an excellent job.
Ricky V.
My house needed some professional cleaning done. It needed a number of treatments that I was just not capable and not willing to give. Luckily, LondonCleaners were on hand to provide the perfect service. I loved what I heard when I first contacted them and the team didn't let me down. It was a pleasure inspecting their work, and seeing how they'd worked their magic. I'm happy to give them a recommendation and will definitely use their services again.
Benjamin Jensen
I booked LondonCleaners to spring clean my flat. I was highly impressed with both the communication from the office, and the professionalism of the cleaners themselves.
Mikail Thompson
I manage a restaurant. One thing is certain, industrial deep cleaning for a restaurant and dining room is never easy, as you are dealing with food stains and grease. Cleaning London handled it all with ease, from high dusting the dining area, to polishing the wood and flooring to exquisite perfection. As for the restaurant kitchen cleaning, they expertly cleaned both appliances and grills. Totally satisfied with the work performed, and will use again.
Emil Stadfordshire
The cleaning team of Cleaners London are professional and prompt, and it is always a pleasure to do business with them. I have utilised them for both domestic and industrial cleaning purposes. Excellent work at a good price.
Nial M.
Thumbs up to this cleaning company. I can't thank Cleaning London enough for what they did to my house. They left me speechless.
K. Oliver
I've been using LondonCleaners for my domestic cleaning needs for a while now. They always impress, are yet to let me down.
D. Ferguson
This cleaning company were amazing from start to finish. Cleaning London went out of their way to impress and impress they certainly did.
John A.
The cleaners were organised and efficient. London Cleaner as a whole were extremely professional. I'll certainly be hiring their services again.
Clark Indiad
I work really long hours so never get proper time to do a deep house cleaning. So I've started getting Cleaning firm to come over once a month to do it and they are doing a fantastic job so far, I'm thrilled.
T. Harding
Big props to the cleaners from Cleaning London who did such a tremendous job in my house the other week. They were lifesavers!
Sandra Bailey
I love everything about LondonCleaners cleaners but if I had to pick my top three it would be that they are cheap, friendly and do a very good cleaning.
Iris Bloom
I hired LondonCleaners to help my elderly mother stay on top of her house cleaning and the team that help her are superb. Always on time, do a great job and are great with my mum. All in all they are more than I could have hoped for.
K. Moss
Cleaners London really cared about by needs. When it came time to implement their plans, their cleaners did an amazing job. I still can't believe what they managed to achieve.
Adrian B.
Their cleaners are reliable, hard working professionals. There's no doubt in my mind that they make London Cleaner the great company it is.
Alex Bradley
I got a great deal on my house floors thanks to Cleaners London. This is a cleaning company that everyone should consider, not only due to the low prices but also because of the good work they can do.
Matthew E.
We recently had a new kitchen fitted and the fitting company left a bit of a mess. Thankfully, Cleaning London were on hand to clean it up for us. Their cleaners were very helpful and we got along quite well. If another mess pops up in the future, this is definitely the company that I'll call.
Anita R.
Cleaners London provided me with a lucrative deal for my office cleaning requirements. It really was a great service, and they saw to it that my office was in tip top shape, looking very clean and professional.
Arionna E.
Upholstery cleaning is not something I know how to do, I'm always afraid I'm going to ruin my couch!!! I called London Cleaner and they helped me get it back into shape! I will contact them again since I have some rug cleaning I want to do next!
As an agent that shows empty houses all day, I often work with Cleaners London that perform domestic cleaning duties for the houses I plan to show after the owners move out. There is no cleaning problem they can't tackle quickly.
P. Bradley
My brother recommended that I work with Cleaning London. I received the best value for my money. Their professional domestic cleaning services are unmatched.
Marcus Shannon
There is nothing more relaxing than having a clean apartment to come home to. This is all down to London Cleaner who successfully cleaned the stubborn stains on my carpets and general mess. So happy for all the changes, will be using again and spreading the word!!
Brian M.
Domestic cleaning services for really good money! Happy with the end results. Thanks Cleaners London!
Kristine L.
Very pleased with their domestic cleaning service. The price was cost-effective and the result - outstanding! Great job Cleaning firm!
D. Danks
Cleaners London did a great job for a low price! I am happy with the result!
Very professional house cleaners! The team of London Cleaner are efficient, friendly and courteous and the price they charge is more than reasonable!
Maria Evans
Wine stains are impossible to get out, I don't care what Google has to say on the matter. I got one on my sofa and spent a whole day trying to get it out. Then I hired LondonCleaners and with their upholstery cleaners the job was done within seconds. Love the work, good prices, simply great services!
Steven B.
Hired Cleaning London to clean my carpets and was very pleased with the service they provided me with. They used a steam cleaner for the job and it was a grand one, with immediate results. Excellent job done by the carpet cleaners, and at an affordable price at that. I really love this company; will make sure that more people in London hear about it. Thank you so much for everything!
I needed help with after builders cleaning and booked with Cleaning firm because they offered me the lowest price quote. My home was immaculate after they left!
Donna F.
After the flood we thought our home would never be the same again. The discoloration on the walls was over three feet high and the carpets smelled worse than an open sewer. My insurance agent recommended LondonCleaners for the wall and carpet cleaning. Their prices were fair so we hired them, Wonderful, almost unbelievable job. Our place is inhabitable again. Highly recommended!
Jenny L.
I'll gladly work with Cleaning London and their excellent carpet cleaners again. Their service was superb and their prices were very pocket friendly too. What more could I have asked for!
Called Cleaners London to help me with the end of tenancy cleaning last week and I can safely say that they are the only reason why I have my deposit money right now. They were simply great with everything they did and both the landlord and I were very impressed with the look of my flat afterwards. Amazing cleaning skills and a keen eye for detail. Perfect service all round, I will call them again for sure when I need such help!
Julia M.
Outstanding level of service! I used LondonCleaners for a deep clean after I finished with home improvement project. The company seemed very professional and provided me with a full quote based on my needs and requirements. My decision to hire these guys was purely based on my first impression over the phone and I was not disappointed. The customer service agent was very polite and responsive. On the day of the appointment the cleaning team arrived 10 minutes earlier so we could go through the cleaning process and they could get on with their work on time. It was not an easy job at all. The construction workers had left our place in a complete mess. The cleaning ladies managed to clean literally every spot around my home, even the hidden corners. Plus, they were both lovely and polite. We finally have our home back to normal thanks to them. They were simply brilliant! I would recommend them to anyone who's looking for a truly professional and genuine cleaning company.
G. Martens
I have been using a number of cleaning services over the years. But I have never found anyone as good as London Cleaner, they are quick and efficient. The cleaners are pleasant to have around. Professional cleaners for sure! I loved the work you did!
John Whetstone
I was a bit put off hiring professional cleaners, as I thought that would cost too much money. However, when I came across a house cleaning add for LondonCleaners and saw their discounts, I decided to give them a go. Their work was impeccable and the cost was really affordable. Very satisfied with the service!
Karen Donald
I hired Cleaning firm last week for carpet cleaning and I was very impressed with their work. My carpets looked filthy before their experts came in and worked on them. They used all this fancy equipment and before I knew it, my carpets looked and smelled amazing. I was so pleased with their work and couldn't get over what great value for money they offered. It was a great investment in my opinion. I highly recommend them and would without a doubt hire them again for professional help.
Jay R.
We recently moved into our new house and although we found the place clean, we wanted satisfaction that it was cleaned by us too. We hired a bunch of affordable cleaners from Cleaning firm and by the end of the day, the place was shining. Safe to say, we're off to a shining start and we love this cleaning company.
Madeline F.
I was struggling to keep up with all my cleaning duties for a long time, but Cleaning firm changed all that forever! I'm a single mother looking after two very energetic boys, so you can imagine how it's easy for me to slip behind on all that needs doing. Finding a cleaning company that was both as professional and affordable as this one has saved me so much time, which I've been able to invest in hobbies and taking care of my sons. Everyone from the company is noticeably friendly, and give consistently great results.
Mary Connelly
When I was tasked with keeping the office clean, I assumed they didn't want me to get out the mops and vacuum cleaner so I called up Cleaning London. I hired them to take care of the office maintenance and they have been doing a stellar job. They work every day to ensure that the floors, the desks, everything is spotless. We are all happy with the work they have been doing and will be working with them for some time to come.
I was in urgent need of a professional team of cleaners to clean up my sofas. The team I hired from LondonCleaners were fantastic from the word go and made my sofas look brand new. I can't thank them enough!
Celia J.
I recently got Cleaning London to clean four large rugs. I am pleased with the renewed look. One of the rugs was bought during a trip to Persia and was my favourite. I was a bit worried about the fabric getting damaged during the cleaning, but the team assured that they would handle it with care. They did exactly that! I am so pleased I will definitely recommend this company for their professional attitude and quality service.
Laura R.
I am thrilled with the oven cleaning services offered by Cleaning London! I have never met a better cleaning company. I have had the team come and clean for me for months now and it really does save me heaps of time; it is great! I called the team yesterday and they are going to come tomorrow again, they are always there to help. They come out as and when I need them and that alone makes my life so much easier!
Micah Kennard
I highly rate London Cleaner. This is the company that I use for my office cleaning and they are just excellent! They offer convenient and affordable services that cannot be beaten and on top of that, they do not interfere with our working hours either as they come in the mornings before we open up. Overall, they are an excellent company! I am very satisfied!
Vivien S.
London Cleaner is the best team I have used until now. They are absolutely fantastic. I hired them about a year ago for my end of tenancy cleaning but since then and having moved into my new home, I have utilised their rug cleaning services on numerous occasions. Their services really do make all the difference and I do not know where I would be without them!
Sue Stutes
A big thanks to Cleaning London! Where would I be without you?! Your office cleaning services are first class and make my working life so much easier! I have recommended you already and would recommend you to anyone else in need of a professional cleaning team.
Danielle Flores
I needed some cleaning help in my office so opted to hire the professionals to assist me. Though I like cleaning I was finding it hard to find enough time to do the office cleaning. I used a local firm called LondonCleaners, as I had noticed their adverts and some of the rates were affordable. I had a one-off clean first and then decided to carry on with hiring a cleaner twice a week to keep the office and reception area tidy. I am so pleased with the results; the place is clean and looks so much tidier.
Ira D.
LondonCleaners pays attention to details and is a fantastic cleaning service provider. We hired them for our house cleaning. The living room, kitchen and bathrooms are sparkling clean. We are considering giving them a bi-monthly cleaning contract. Well done!
H. Simpson
I recently used LondonCleaners to get my carpets cleaned. I could not believe the difference that it made to my living room especially. It seems that the dirt had been building up for a while, as the way it looked after the dirt was gone was incredible! There is a lot to be said for dropping a little cash on such a service, as there is so much good to be done by it! The team were great, really nice and very good at their job, I would recommend both the cleaner and the cleaning to anyone who is looking to rejuvenate their place.
M. Lemur
Our old cleaner had to go because she completely ruined the fabric on an extremely pricy and well loved sofa. You have to have a lot more knowledge than people presume when you clean people's houses for a living, as there can be some rare or specialist furniture that can be damaged by certain chemicals. LondonCleaners understand this it seems. I simply pointed out the furniture that I was concerned about, and they knew exactly what would be right to clean with, so I was very impressed. Highly recommended to all, great job!