5 Kitchen Cleaning Tricks That Will Save You Time And Money's House cleaners

5 Kitchen Cleaning Tricks That Will Save You Time And Money

Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money


Cleaning the kitchen can often be quite a task if left for too long, so below are a few tips that will help you save not only time but money too when it comes to keeping your kitchen as good as new.

Money-saving cleaning

Buying an assortment of kitchen cleaners and sprays can quickly become expensive, and more often than not you will have a large number of products that essentially do the same thing. You don’t really need a separate surface and hob cleaner for example, as the far cheaper alternatives suggested ahead will do both of these jobs as good if not better than any expensive products.

White vinegar is an excellent, and cheap natural disinfectant and very good at removing stains too. By stocking up on this, you can simply add it to already empty spray bottles and you have your kitchen cleaner ready to go. Lemon juice can also be very effective, and neutralise the strong vinegar smell, so can be mixed with the vinegar to leave a more pleasant aroma.

Plan your cleaning

Try to set yourself around 30 minutes (you may need a bit less depending on the size of your kitchen) to have a quick wipe of surfaces and the hob etc. By doing a little bit of cleaning every day, you will avoid letting any stains get too dried on or letting any washing up pile up etc. Alternatively, you could split your cleaning time up into longer but less frequent times during the week. Once every Tuesday and Thursday for example. Either way, making sure you stick to your cleaning plan will mean you never have to spend more time than is necessary for cleaning the kitchen again.

Clean up after yourself

If you do this in addition to your cleaning schedule, you will rarely have to deal with large amounts of cleaning except for special occasions or dinner parties, for example. Cleaning up after yourself takes a few minutes at most, and you will save yourself lots of time in the long run. Some possible approaches to this are doing the washing up as soon as you have finished eating, and wiping down your worktops and cleaning away any mess made from preparing a meal in the time it takes your food to cook, for example.

Get everyone involved

If you have a large family, then even following these tips may not be enough, so why not get all the family involved? Doing so will not only make everything a lot quicker, but take all the burden off just one person. You can get everyone to help with the washing up for example, and make sure everyone sticks to the golden rule of cleaning up after themselves. Children can be encouraged to do this by rewarding them for good behaviour, and so on.

Keep your cleaning products handy

By making sure your cleaning supplies are always easy to access, you will find it much easier to stick to cleaning up after yourself and follow your cleaning schedule. Often, we don’t need much to put us off cleaning, and rooting through a cupboard can be one such excuse that puts off the cleaning for the time being. If everything is easy to grab when you need it, it will make the prospect of doing a quick 15 minute clean much less hassle.

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