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Key to giving your home the care it deserves and the look you want is having a robust cleaning schedule to abide by. Not just any old cleaning schedule, though – a realistic and well-defined one. Don’t be overly ambitious – be sensible about how much time you will be able to spend on this weighty responsibility. It’ll make you feel inadequate if you submit to a cleaning schedule you would never have had any hope of completing, and subsequently fail to fulfil it! Think about how when you’ll be able to do it, and for how long – and remember you may well have to sacrifice a night out or an afternoon lounging in front of the TV or reading a book to clean up properly!

If you live with friends, family, your partner or fellow renters, then it’s only fair that they take on their fair share of the cleaning duties. The best route to ensure everyone’s pulling their weight in this regard is to have an open and frank discussion with your fellow resident(s) about what they would like to do, and what they can realistically commit to.

We recommend divvying up the responsibilities on your cleaning schedule into separate denominations – for instance, big and small areas and items, or difficult and hard areas and items. From here, you can calculate roughly how much time it will take you to complete your clean, and you can also pick in what order you wish to clean things. You might want to start big and work downwards, or vice versa – it really is up to you, although best practice might be to start on the trickier tasks and work towards simple. This approach is good because it means the more challenging work is gotten out the way rapidly, and you can then move onto the less demanding jobs.

Also, whilst making your schedule, remember that not everything needs to be cleaned in one go. There may be some items in your home which you only need to clean monthly, or even more infrequently than that. You can exclude tasks such as vacuuming the insides of drawers or mopping up behind the fridge from your regular cleaning schedule outright. Just make sure you don’t forget them in the shuffle over time! They’re still important tasks to do, just less pressing than the main bulk of your cleaning responsibilities! Responsibilities you should be taking on weekly include vacuuming your carpets, wiping your surfaces, etcetera. If you’re really serious about your home being clean 365 days a year, you might even consider making a daily cleaning checklist for those jobs you should be doing every single day. Thankfully, there probably won’t be many of those.

However, if you’ve done your calculations and really cannot take on cleaning obligations yourself, then you could do worse than contacting a professional cleaning services provider in your area. The best cleaning firms will be able to help you whenever you need and however you need – just ring them and see for yourself! Alternatively, if you are unable to meet your responsibilities on one particular occasion due to unforeseen circumstances, or a planned event means you fall back on your cleaning schedule, then you should consider enlisting the services of a one-off cleaning company. These professional cleaners are specifically dedicated to helping people in a tight spot out with their cleaning services – and much like it says on the one tin, this cleaning solution is specifically tailored to suit ‘one-off’ needs! This means there is no need to contact them for a prolonged period, just a one-shot deal!

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