A Guide To Cleaning Your Electronics's House cleaners

A Guide To Cleaning Your Electronics

How to Clean Your Electronic Devices


Cleaning your home itself is not easy but not difficult, you’ve probably been doing it for so many years that it’s a routine to you now and you don’t really have to think too much about. Cleaning your electronic equipment, however, is another thing altogether.

Technology is ever-changing and is constantly being updated, electronic devices are being made in different ways and using new materials. Knowing what cleaning products are most suitable to use to clean the device and how best to clean them is something of a mystery to most people. The following hints are designed to help take the confusion out of cleaning electronic equipment:

The most important thing to remember is to never to apply cleaning products directly onto electronic items or screens. This could damage or ruin them completely, instead, spray the cleaning product onto a cloth and dust the appliance. Always check with the manufacturer of the electronic item to see what products are suitable to use on your device and if in doubt, use nothing but a dry cloth.


When cleaning Plasma and LCD Televisions, dust the screen with a cloth that is either microfiber or 100% cotton. To remove any marks that remain after dusting, slightly dampen the cloth with some distilled water. As a last resort try mixing a small amount of vinegar with plenty of water and dampen your cloth with this and clean. Once the screen is clean, dry with a separate cloth and do not turn the television on until the screen is dry. When you are cleaning do not push too much on the screen, this can affect the colour causing either a dullness in colour or a rainbow effect, in the area pressed.

Most conventional television screens can be cleaned with glass cleaner and a cloth, then dried and buffed with a secondary cloth.


Use a cloth to clean the surfaces of your computer, use a brush to get into places your cloth cant. Check the air vents and ensure they aren’t clogged. To clean air vents, and keyboards, use compressed air. When cleaning your computer screen a wipe with a dry cloth should be enough, however, if this does not get rid of all marks find out what type of screen you have and use a product that is suitable. Don’t forget to clean underneath your computer and wipe over all cables and connectors, as this is where dust typically gets trapped.

DVD players/Game consoles:

To clean your DVD player polish its exterior, check the air vents and use some compressed air to clean them if necessary. Make sure there is no dust trapped underneath the DVD player or on any of the cables and connectors. Buy a DVD Disc cleaner, these are DVD’s designed with little brushes on the underside, that clean the lasers and inner workings of your DVD player. If you are cleaning a games console, the DVD disc cleaner may not be suitable, equally, if you have a Blu Ray DVD player, you will need to check if the DVD disc cleaner can be used. It will most likely also state on the disc cleaner packaging.

Mobile phones:

Mobile phones are in constant use and therefore get quite dirty. Clean your phone weekly. Usually rubbing a dry cloth over it will clean it enough. However, if you do have any pesky marks that won’t come off try using a baby wipe or a cotton swab dipped in a little bit of alcohol wash. If you need to use some liquid to help you clean your phone, do so sparingly and always turn your phone off before starting, and let it dry completely before turning back on again.

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