A Guide To Summer Cleaning's House cleaners

A Guide To Summer Cleaning

Best Tricks for Cleaning Your Home This Summer


When people hear about the summer, they usually think of sunny, warm weather while they sunbathe on a sandy beach. Nice dreams, but usually the summer doesn’t involve only having fun and going to holiday. Even if it`s summer you still have chores to do. And the one that everybody avoids is to clean up the house. This can be quite unpleasant for some people, because of the warm weather, but if you know how to do it, it will be very simple. Besides the general house cleaning that you do anyway on a regular basis, there are a few things that should be included in your summer cleaning checklist:

• Clean the windows- there is nothing that ruins the aspect of your house more than some dirty windows. You probably have more guests in summer and the least thing you would want them to see are the stains on your window. Don’t forget to remove the spider webs before starting to wipe the windows with a liquid cleaner.

• The driveway is also something you should consider cleaning in summer. You can either buy different solutions from the supermarket to help you clean it or you can make them by yourself. For asphalt driveways, you can use a solution made of laundry detergent and water and or cement use dishwashing detergent and water. Use a push broom to scrub the dirt away, rinse with plenty of water and then let it dry.

• This is the perfect time to organize your pantry and is not even that difficult. Just take a trash bag and take everything out, sorting between what still can be used and what is out of date. Also, is there are any cans without a label or you are not sure whether they are still good or not, just throw them away.

• Due to the fact that you don’t need your heater on during the summer, it would be a good idea to take advantages of that a flush the water from your heater. Not only this process cleans all the sediments inside but it will also make the heater more efficient and it will last longer as well. But this is not something that you should do by yourself unless you have done this before or know how to do it, otherwise, just call some professionals and they will take of this.

• If you have an air conditioner, the summer might not be the best season to do it, but it is easier if you clean the air conditioner at the end of this season. Unplug it and take the front cover off for cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the coils by vacuuming them gently. Clean the filter as well and you air conditioning machine will be ready for the next year.

• Before the season ends, don’t forget to clean and flip the mattresses from your home as well. This is the best way to remove the dust and keep the dust mites under control. The easiest way to do it is to vacuum the mattress on both sides and vacuum the box springs as well. For more protection, again dust mites, you can purchase a hypoallergenic mattress pad.

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