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Bedroom Cleaning Routine

Keeping Your Bedroom Clean and Fresh


Cleaning up the bedroom is a massively important job, as this is a place of relaxation and rest. Therefore, it is crucial that this is also a clean place – both literally free from impurities and more figuratively speaking, free from clutter. This can be a difficult standard to maintain, especially if you’re moving out on your own for the very first time, or if you are a busy professional or a parent. However, there is good news and it is that, with the proper time management skills and some storage equipment, keeping the bedroom clean, fresh and delightful becomes as easy as can be. So here’s how to do it, by just devoting one or two hours to cleaning and organizing every week.

1.    Optimize your cleaning routine. There are always temptations for breaks in between different chores. You launder the sheets and feel like taking a nap on the new ones, vacuum the floor and feel like watching some television. The bedroom is a particularly tricky place to keep focused, but just remember – the fewer breaks you take, the less time you’re going to need to finish up everything. Making a checklist to follow can also be very stimulating in this respect. Examples of things to put on the checklist: remove the sheets, launder everything, put down new bedding, vacuum the floor, wipe any surfaces that collect dust, gather up any worn clothes and put them in the laundry, put away any clean clothes, gather up laptops, chargers and accessories.

2.    You do not need to do a spring clean every week. Some things like washing the curtains, cleaning the mattress, reorganizing the wardrobe, etc. only have to be performed once every few months. However, you will need to make a list of everything that has to be done every single week and stick to it. If you must, promise yourself a reward at the end of the cleaning to help motivate you.

3.    You will also need to wipe down the nightstands and any other wooden furniture in the room. You can do this with a simple damp cloth, or with an antistatic spray to slow down the accumulation of dust.

4.    If the room is carpeted, you may also need to get a good carpet shampoo and get into the habit of regularly cleaning any spots, left by cosmetics and other spills typical for this room of the house. For example, a good stain remover will be indispensable, if you have the habit of drinking your morning coffee in bed or in front of the mirror.

5.    It is a good idea to have some other storage in the room, apart from the wardrobe. Get a small cupboard or, if you’re feeling a bit old-fashioned or have a taste for antiquing, why not even a dower chest? You will need this storage space to put away all sheets and bedding. It is very useful to have spare bedding readily available in the bedroom and this solution would also mean less clutter in the rest of the house.

6.    Lastly, in order to keep this room in its neatest state possible, try to avoid hanging clothes on the door, on the wardrobe instead of in it and leaving clothes on the bed or chairs. This will make the room seem messier and that will ruin the general impression of tranquillity.

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