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Carpet Cleaning When To Call In The Professionals

Top Signs You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Service


Carpets are notorious for attracting stains over time, and sometimes you are left with no choice but to call in professional carpet cleaners. That said, there are things that you can do to clean your carpet yourself, especially when it comes to smaller stains. Below are some helpful tips if you need to clean your carpet yourself, and how and when to call in professional services.

Carpet condition

Before deciding whether you need to hire a professional cleaning service or self hire a carpet cleaner, it can be worth having a good look at the carpet in question. A good test is to get some cleaning liquid and scrub a corner or patch. If the cleaned patch is still roughly the same shade as the rest of your carpet, then you may be able to clean it yourself using good carpet cleaning products. If the patch really stands out though, or you don’t thin the cleaner has been very effective, you may need to consider hiring professionals.

Cleaning products

When choosing a cleaner for your carpet, make sure you have a suitable product. The right kind of product may vary depending on the type of fabric or material your carpet is made from, and you don’t want to cause further damage, so it can be worthwhile double-checking with the store you bought the carpet at or the manufacturers if you’re not sure.

Alternative cleaners and dealing with stains

If you get to a stain quickly, you can generally prevent any long term damage. While you can certainly use any number of the stain removal products available in the supermarket, there are also a lot of tricks and cheaper alternatives that will work just as well in an emergency. Baking soda mixed to a paste with white vinegar is very effective at general stain removal, for example. For red wine stains, you can add either white wine or salt to limit and remove most of the stain.

Hiring professionals

Sometimes you simply won’t be able to get the carpet back to its original state, or the staining is too dried in for you to get out through normal means. In this case, hiring professionals is often the only option, along with hiring a carpet cleaner yourself, although these can be expensive and can sometimes be complicated to operate, so you might be better off with professionals. When researching potential companies, be sure to look around and get a number of estimates from a handful of professionals. This will make sure you get the best value for money deal.

Preventative steps

By simply making sure you vacuum your carpet a few times a week and maybe give it a clean with a steam cleaner or carpet shampoo, you can greatly reduce the wear and tear that it will incur overtime. As mentioned, reacting quickly to any spillages or stains will also go a long way to limiting the damage and prolonging the life of your carpet. Simple steps like making sure people take their shoes off before entering your home can make a big difference too, or even having a good doormat in place can help. Both of these measures will reduce the amount of outside dirt that will get on the carpet, again, making it stay cleaner for longer. Overall, clean little and often, and your carpet should remain in good condition for a long time.

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