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Christmas Time And Cleaning

Top Cleaning Tips For Preparing Your House For Christmas


Perhaps the busiest and therefore untidiest time of the year is the Christmas period. It is the one time of the year where you relax in your cleanliness standards and rather than concentrating on keeping the house tidy, you’re busy making sure everyone is happy and is having fun. If, however, you do want to spend some time keeping your home clean, for example, if you are expecting a number of guests. This article, therefore, is designed to help you keep your home clean around Christmas time, without taking up all of your time.

Cleaning up after Christmas decorations
It seems that as soon as you get the decorations out the loft, and before you’ve even put them up, the floor of your home is littered with glitter, tinsel and all things sparkly. Before you start to put your Christmas decorations up, have a tidy and clean in particular the area in which the tree is going to go as you likely won’t be able to clean this area properly for the next month.

If you have a real Christmas tree you can expect there to be a bit more mess, consider putting your Christmas tree on a blanket or something that protects the floor and contains the mess from the tree.

Once you have put up your Christmas decorations you will need to have an initial clean up, sorting through your decorations and putting them up creates an awful lot of mess. Vacuum and polish all the rooms that you have decorated.

After you have your decorations up, increase the frequency with which you vacuum and dust your house.

Cleaning on Christmas day-getting rid of wrapping paper and boxes

As soon as everybody wakes up on Christmas day, the frenzy of present opening begins, with everybody excited about what they have gotten as a gift, little thought goes into where the torn-up paper leftover tags etc. go. Rather than loiter around everyone, cleaning up the paper as it gets torn off the presents, put a bin liner in the middle of the room, people will see this and whilst they may not go out their way to put the paper actually in the bin, they may just throw the rubbish in the general direction of the bin, either way, it will make collecting and disposing of this rubbish much quicker if it is contained to one area.


Pretty much everything you buy will have come in a box, so by the end of Christmas day you have bin liners full of torn paper and a vast array of different sized boxes. Sort through these boxes as there may be some that you want to keep. Choose a decent sized box and use this to store any of the boxes you do not want to throw away, flat pack the boxes so that they are easily stored and put the flat pack boxes inside one larger box. Any boxes you do not want or need can go straight into the recycling box.

Cleaning after guests

Around Christmas time, you may feel like you are living in an open home with guests coming and going. This can make cleaning up difficult as you do not want to clean while your guests are there and end up ignoring them or making them feel uncomfortable. Try:

• Cleaning in short, 15-minute intervals
• Arranging some additional help if you feel like you may need it
• Accept help from the family and guests who you feel comfortable with
• Do as much in advance as you can when you have no guests first thing in the morning clean all plates and glasses so you know you have enough to last the day.

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