Cleaning Hints and Tips - Your Bedroom's House cleaners

Cleaning Hints and Tips - Your Bedroom

Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Pristine

A clean and tidy bedroom can provide a peaceful environment in which you can rest and relax comfortably. But there can seem like an awful lot to do sometimes, and if not done the mess tend to build up quickly. So follow a few of our handy tips to keeping your bedroom pristine so that when it comes to resting your head for the night, you can do it in peace:

1.    Make your bed before you leave in the morning
Most people only sleep with a duvet, so this process can literally take seconds. But straightening out your sheets first thing will stop creases forming as deeply making them look better for longer. Getting into a made bed is also considerably more satisfying than scrambling around to make sense of scrambled sheets – the last thing you want to be doing before sleep is fighting to straighten out your duvet. Once you have made your bed, just give the surface of the duvet a quick brush over with your arm – this will straighten it out perfectly.

2.    Make your bedroom for sleeping, not eating, working etc.
There are a number of reasons beside cleanliness for this. Associating your bed and bedroom solely with the purpose of sleeping and/or relaxing activities can aid your sleep patterns. Not eating in bed is also an obvious way to avoid unnecessary cleaning duties, no matter how tempting it might be to do so! Spilling food in amongst your sheets is never pleasant, and you will also not have to worry about taking plates back to the kitchen etc, so just try to avoid doing it.

3.    Before you clean, scan your room.
Bedroom surfaces can become cluttered very quickly with products required for our everyday lives. Beauty products, deodorants, hairbrushes – once used they just tend to be put down somewhere and left. Scan your surfaces before you clean, do all these things really need to be out on display? There is generally plenty of cupboard and wardrobe space in our bedrooms, so try to get into the habit of using it by assigning everything a home behind a closed door. Again, busy bedrooms are not conducive to a good night’s sleep, so you may find that adopting this minimalist look will reap rewards in areas other than cleanliness!

4.    Get into a good laundry routine
If you do not have a laundry basket for your dirty washing, then invest in one as soon as possible. Dirty washing does not live on the floor – not only is it unhygienic but it looks messy and provides an obstacle to clean around. Washing baskets come in all shapes and sizes to fit in with your room, so can actually provide a nice feature that matches the style of your decoration. You can even get baskets with dividers so separate your clothes by type of wash required.
Once you have the basket, use it. Put dirty clothes in straight away and designate a day or couple of days a week you will do your laundry. This will prevent your basket overflowing and built a routine of maintaining cleanliness.

5.    When you do your laundry, tackle the cleaning
Cleaning your clothes provides a good opportunity to clean your bedroom. With the laundry basket out of the way there is one less barrier, so get out the dusters and polish and set to work before vacuuming. You will then have a clean room in which to put away your clean clothes, and this association of tasks will make them seem a lot easier.

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