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Cleaning Myths You Need to Stop Believing


1. Is bleach the ultimate cleaner?
Most of us have always believed that bleach is a magical cleaning solution and while we were growing up it was used almost for anything. Bleach has the ability to take the colour of surfaces, so we simply assume it is a strong cleaning solution. The truth is bleach doesn’t clean that much at all.

2. Can professional cleaning shrink your carpet?
Carpets are a big investment for every homeowner and they aren’t usually replaced once every few years. We want them to last as long as possible, but taking good care of them isn’t easy. Most homeowners realize that getting professional carpet cleaning is a good decision, but they also dread causing damage to the carpet. What if it shrinks like many claims it happens? This myth is 99% a lie – for most carpets shrinking isn’t a big risk.

3. Why is vinegar used for cleaning everything?
Vinegar is a great cleaning solution for almost everything and it is so versatile that we all know its benefits. It is also eco-friendly, but in fact, some surfaces shouldn’t be treated with vinegar, because it can damage them seriously (hardwood, stone and others).

4. Is cleaning better when you use more soap or detergent?
One of the popular misbeliefs is that the dirtier an area or an item is, the more cleaning detergent it needs. In fact, too much of any cleaning solution can cause problems to the area. It is about following the right stages of cleaning something and using a good technique rather than applying extra detergent.

5. Are newspapers really that good for cleaning mirrors and glass surface?
It is an eco-friendly method of cleaning glass surface, but is it really that good of a method? Actually, the ink can smear on the mirrors or their frames, which is a serious drawback. Moreover, once wet newspaper doesn’t hold very long so you need to keep using new papers.

7. Should furniture polishing be as regular as dusting?
Furniture polishing can take up quite a bit of time during cleaning, so it’s good to know whether it should be a weekly or monthly chore. Some of the ingredients in the cleaning solutions can harm the furniture, especially if used too often, so focus on dusting and other non-polish methods.

8. Can hair spray remove an ink stain?
A common tip for removing stains from the ink is by using hair spray. The question is does it really work? Ink stains are rather sticky, but they respond to the alcohol in hair spray. However, most often they don’t, only if the fabric is made of polyester or some kind of polyester blend.

9. Can the vacuum cleaner be bad for your carpet?
With vacuuming is how we keep a carpet clean and dust-free and vacuuming is more of a daily chore nowadays. If you overwork the carpet the vacuum cleaner can wear out the fibres, but overall regular vacuuming with normal pressing is better than allowing the dust and dirt to accumulate deep within the carpet’s fibres.

10. Is Ammonia one of the best cleaners?
Ammonia is considered a miracle cleaner by many. However, its super-strong odour can cause breathing problems and serious irritation.

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