Don't Get Left Out Of Pocket With Student Cleaning's House cleaners

Don't Get Left Out Of Pocket With Student Cleaning

Hints and Tips for Effective Home Cleaning

With lots to do and not a lot of time to fit everything in, being a student can often be hectic and leaves little time for anything other than studying. But if you’re living in rented student accommodation, you’re going to have to get round to house cleaning eventually. Whether you clean a house during the academic term or just before you have to hand back your keys, it still has to be done. Use these hints and tips to make home cleaning quick, easy but most importantly effective, so that you won’t have to do your move out cleaning twice.

1.    Take a walk around your house and keep a lookout for anything that may need repairing or replacing.
Student parties can get pretty messy, so if you’ve just swept the mess under the carpet, now is the time to do something about it. Landlords are meticulous when it comes to the final inspection and will notice any marks, scratches and breakages, so it’s essential that you get things in order and repair or clean any broken or dirty items.

2.    Create a rota.
If you’re living in shared accommodation, it could well be a good idea to create a rota when it comes to tackling the communal area. Let each individual be responsible for his or her bedroom and private rooms but share the responsibility of getting the communal areas cleaned. Creating a rota will hopefully mean that nobody does the same job twice, meaning that your housemates and yourself will be less likely to get bored and take any shortcuts when carrying out the job.

3.    Keep all your equipment and materials in an easy to access place.
Keeping kitchen equipment in the kitchen and bathroom equipment in the bathroom will make it more likely for your housemates to clean up after themselves and will give them no excuse not to clean up a stain or spillage as and when it happens.

4.    Get rid of scratches from your walls.
The smallest scratch or faded mark on your wall will be picked up upon during the final inspection but can be taken care of pretty simply. Get yourself a wall mark eraser. They should be readily available from most cleaning stores, but test it out on a small corner first so that you can be sure the eraser won’t cause the paint to fade.

5.    Remove stains.
Stains are common but can be hard to notice, especially on upholstery or carpets. But if you use the correct treatments and techniques they can be easily taken care of.  Depending on the type of stain and your upholstery material, most store-bought cleaners should do the trick. Powders are the best as they minimize any time waiting for the material to dry and can be easily cleaned up once they’ve worked their magic.

6.    Vacuum clean.
Get your vacuum cleaner out and clean all your hard floors and carpets. If you have a decent vacuum cleaner, it should have different nozzles and attachments which you can also use to clean everything from upholstery to curtains.

7.    Kitchen cleaning.
Antibacterial sprays are perfect when removing icky stains and mess from countertops and food preparation surfaces. Don’t forget to clean out the fridge and freezer. Remove any food that’s past its use-by date and is starting to create a stink. Then, using a baking soda-water solution, scrub down the interior of your fridge and then wipe away the remaining residue with a clean cloth.

8.    Call a cleaning company.
Hire a team of professional cleaners to take care of the jobs that you can’t.

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