Get into the Habit of Cleaning
Get into the Habit of Cleaning

Creating Daily Cleaning Habits That Transform Your Home


Not many people want to spend all day everyday cleaning, and not many people actually enjoy cleaning, but it’s one of those things in life that needs to be done and despite how tiring, tedious or never-ending it might be it’s never better to turn a blind eye. This guide is especially for those that tend to ignore the mess creeping out of the bedroom, turn away from the dishes piling up in the kitchen and hope that the mess will go away of its own accord. Getting into the habit of cleaning might seem like a drastic life change, but with small, simple steps, you’ll soon be on your way to being tidier; meaning cleaning will be quicker, easier and less often.

Make small changes

The key to getting into the habit of cleaning the house is to make small changes on a daily basis which will not only minimise the mess but also to benefit an overall more productive approach to daily life. Make your bed every morning, no matter how late you might be running; it will make the place look tidier and is a great organised and structured start to the day. Place towels into the wash basket and attempt to do the dishes from breakfast every morning before you head out the door. Coming back home to a messy house and dirty plates create the illusion of chaos from an early morning rush and make you put it off for another day. For even easier cleaning, be organised the night before; make lunches, arrange clothes and get bags and essentials sorted creating a smooth and stress-free morning routine.

The early morning burst

If you have time early in the morning, why not enjoy starting the day with a burst of energy? Spending ten or twenty minutes every morning tying up loose ends and cleaning up bits and pieces will get such chores out of the way and will automatically lift your spirits. Being active first thing in the morning is great for your fitness levels and metabolism as well as being a great burst of natural energy which will take you through the day. Asides from the benefits to you, you’ll find that over time there is very little to do once you’re on top of your cleaning regime. Ten minutes is all it takes to make the house tidier, cleaner and more organised and it’s a great way to start the day; knowing you’re free to do anything else for the rest of the day.

The evening sweep

If you’re by no means a morning person, or simply have no time in the morning rush, why not enjoy a more leisurely evening sweep of the home. Set aside half an hour or so when you get in from work to clean up, tidy away and sort things out; getting your home in perfect order. Not only will you benefit from the cleaning, but it will also get you in the perfect mood for an evening wind down. Try to get into the habit of doing this evening sweep before you get comfy, start making the tea or need to be back out to pick up kids. Reward yourself after everything is in order with a brew and perhaps a chapter of a book or a bit of TV. Your house will be cleaner before you know it, and after you start to adapt to your new routine you’ll find that cleaning is quick and easy with very little to do, leaving you even more free time to enjoy the evenings.

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