Getting Rid of Stains from your Carpet 's House cleaners

Getting Rid of Stains from your Carpet

Best Way to Get Stains Out of Carpet


Nobody can avoid getting stains on their carpets. We certainly can’t prevent spillages or other accidents that cause stains, but we can find a way to remove them quickly and easily.

There are various things you need to remember about stain removals and that is that you should always try to clean the stain as soon as it occurs. This way, the stains won’t have gotten too far into the fabrics. So it is much better to tackle it whilst it is fresh. You should also remember to test out your stain remover liquid or powder before using it to ensure that it will worsen the situation. And when it comes to the process of getting rid of the stain, never scrub and always blot. When you rub a stain, all you are doing is moving it deeper into the material and this will only make it worse. Simply use a sponge and blot. However, if the situations get to tricky to handle and you don’t want to risk ruining your carpets it would be wise of you to call in a professional. If you’re confident in doing it yourself, however, you can follow our instructions.

Here are some tips to remember when removing a stain from your carpet:

• Always test your carpet cleaning solution before using it to ensure that it will not damage the carpet.
• Always use white cloth to remove stains. Never use coloured clothes because the colour may transfer to the carpet.
• Always blot, don’t scrub.
• Follow the exact instructions of the carpet solution to ensure that you are using it correctly. Otherwise, you could be at risk of damaging your carpet.
• When blotting the stain, never start from the middle. Work from the edges into the middle.
• Never use too much of your cleaning product. With the chemicals, most cleaning products contain, it is likely to worsen the stain or even damage your carpet.

There are many different types of stains you can get in your carpet. Some of them require more work and effort than others. Removing oil-based stains requires a completely different approach. As oil is most likely to harden on the carpet it, you need to scrape it off using a cleaning solvent. Again, remember to blot rather than rub. An alternative to cleaning solvent is nail polish remover.

Another common scenario is getting gum on the carpet. Again, to remove it requires a different approach. Firstly you should use heat, from a hairdryer for example, and this will soften the gum which will enable you to lift it off of the carpet. Although this works effectively, there may be a chance that it hasn’t been removed completely. If this is the case, all you need to do is get on your hands and knees and do some good old fashioned scraping. After you have finished and the gum has been removed, wash the area well and allow it to dry before vacuuming. An alternative method is to scrape the gum off gently and then place a bag of ice cubes on top of the stain for over an hour or until you can see that the stain has vanished. Scrape off the remainder.

The most common stain of all is the drink stain. To remove drink stains from your carpet, you will need to mix 1 cup of hot water, 1 cup of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing detergent into a bottle and spray directly over the stain. It’s a good idea to keep this bottle in the cupboard for whenever you need an instant stain remover.


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