Getting rid of stains – Here’s a list's House cleaners

Getting rid of stains – Here’s a list

How to Remove the Most Common Stains


Have you gotten a stain and have no idea how to get rid of it? Fear not here comes some of the hardest stains to erase with a few simple tricks. Some things that you should have in mind before taking on the stain is that you should do all these things before you throw it into the washer and do not wait a few days before getting rid of it, because the longer you wait the harder it will be to get it away. Sometimes I say that you should use citric acid. You do this by mixing half a teaspoon of citric acid with one cup of water. Delicate colours can be bleached by such treatment. Remember that not all fabrics can withstand stain remover, test it first on the hem before you treat any other part of the garment.

Now, place the fabric on a clean surface and that moisture, such as a white terry cloth towel or a paper towel. Start with a small amount of solvent and dab it on with a white cloth without rubbing and work it towards the centre of the spot. Move the fabric that the garment is placed on so that you don’t let it be placed on a moist spot during the whole procedure.

Berries: If you have got a berry stain on white fabric you should dip it into some hot water.

Blood: Put some cold water on and some salt and then wash in cold water.

Chocolate: If you have chocolate on your clothes, try and scrape as much as you can off and rub milk or soap before washing it in cold water.

Coffee: Fresh stains can be removed by cold water and died out stains on white fabrics should be dipped into boiling water and coloured garments can be brushed by some yolk and warm water or milk.

Fat: Here you should rub the stain with some soap and then rinse and wash it regularly.

Fruit: Use citric acid to remove the stain. Another solution is to dip it into boiling milk or wash it with some vinegar and water.

Grass: You should wash the fabric in as high temperature as it takes and if the stain is not removed after that, then dab it with some methylated spirits, rub with soap and rinse and do the same procedure as many times as it takes for the stain to go away.

Ink: Wash the fabric in soap water or citric acid, but citric acid can bleach textile so be careful.

Lipstick: Here you can pretreat by rubbing on some water diluted detergent from a glass. And after that, you can wash the fabric regularly and should there be some remaining you can use white spirit and wash again.

Nail polish: Put some oil-free acetone and dab the back of the fabric right behind the stain. First, check what material the fabric is made of. Acetone should not be used on fabrics made out of acetate or triacetate. After this, you can wash it as usual.

Paint: You can only remove paint that is still wet, dried paint is unfortunately very hard to remove if even possible. Water paint can be removed as quickly as possible by cold water and for painting with oil in it you should use the solvents that is said on the painting jar.

Wax: Put the garment in the freezer for a while and remove the wax, after that you use the same procedure as you do on fat.

Wine: Especially red wine stains are hard to get rid of, but try and put some potato flour or salt on it as soon as possible. Other wine stains you can wash out using boiling water or milk.

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