How Often Should you Clean your House's House cleaners

How Often Should you Clean your House

When You Should Clean Everything in Your Home


The last thing you want to hear in response to this question is every day, but unfortunately, this is the sad truth. In order to keep your home clean and tidy, there are some cleaning duties that need to be done on a daily basis. Another sad truth about cleaning is that the longer we leave it to clean, the harder it will be too clean, it will take much more elbow grease and you might need to buy specialised cleaning products or equipment to clean it properly. This daily clean helps you to avoid this happening, so although you will cleaning daily, it will be much quicker and won’t be half as much work for you.

Not all cleaning duties need to be done daily though, there are some that should be done on a weekly, monthly and even annual basis, therefore the best thing you can do is make yourself a cleaning schedule.

Daily cleaning

• De-cluttering: this should be done on a daily basis in order to keep on top of it. Everything should be stored somewhere, if it cannot be stored then you will need to consider getting rid of it, or something else to make room for it. Avoid keeping anything for longer than you need to.
• The kitchen: including cleaning the floors, the surfaces, the sink, the dishes and cutlery and having a de-clutter, ensuring everything is stored away where it should be.
• The floors: you should either sweep or vacuum the floors daily, use cleaning detergent on hard floors.
• Surfaces: should be cleaned on a daily basis
• Bathroom: wipe over the bath, shower, sink and all surfaces and clean the toilet. Hang your towel every time you use it to allow it to dry.
• Bedrooms: have a general tidy, re-make the beds, put away clothing, remove any dirty laundry and open a window to let some fresh air in.
• The things we touch often: this includes things like, light switches, remote controls, phones, laptops etc.

Weekly cleaning

• The kitchen: Clean the inside of your fridge every week and sort through the food to remove anything that is out of date or is questionable. Clean your oven, the inside and the shelving from inside, the hobs and grill pans and all knobs and handles.
• The bathroom: clean things like taps and the floors and any tiling once or twice a week. Replace the towels with fresh ones and clean the mirrors.
• The bedrooms: put fresh bed linen on all of the beds, polish all of the furniture and wipe over all surfaces, vacuum the floors.

Monthly cleaning

• Vacuum upholstery and behind furniture.
• The kitchen: clean the oven, clean all appliances and things like the kettle and toaster.
• Bedrooms: vacuum the mattress, rotate it and give it time to air.
• Clean all of your windows, including the window sills, the frames and handles.
• Wash your curtains and/or clean your blinds.
• Clean the things you use to clean with. This includes things like your vacuum cleaner and cloths, sponges etc.
• Clean the ceilings and light fittings, the doors including the frames and handles, all skirting boards and any bannisters.

Yearly cleaning

• Shampoo carpets and have upholstery cleaned: this should be done once or twice a year depending on how often it is used.
• The bedrooms: pull out all of the big furniture such as wardrobes and beds and clean behind them.
• Every year you should have a spring clean of your home, this means cleaning absolutely everything that you can think of.

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