How to Handle End of Tenancy Cleaning's House cleaners

How to Handle End of Tenancy Cleaning

Step-by-step End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide

A new home can be an exciting prospect. It gives you the chance to live your life differently, try new things, meet new people, engage in a varied lifestyle, increase the amount of room you have, treat yourself, have nicer surroundings, be closer to important people and places, and much more. Many of these can apply when relocating to a new workplace, which could also improve your business by giving you essential facilities, more space to display and store products, more room to work, be closer to staff, clients, partners and customers, and so on.

While there are many things to look forward to, there are aspects that are demanding and laborious. Preparing for and engaging a move will require lots of work and effort but is can be manageable. What can make this much tougher to handle is cleaning? It is vital that your old abode looks its best before you leave so that it is ready for new tenants. You would hate to arrive at your new address to find things in disarray, so you should ensure your old address looks its best.

It can be tough to manage both removal and complete cleaning of a building and so if you feel you cannot do both then you will need some assistance. There are many removal firms out there, most of whom will be a high-quality service who can tackle your packing, furniture removals, transportation and more. Hire such a firm and it will leave you plenty of time to see to your cleaning while professionals handle your move. You can go the other route and handle your move yourself, while having a top cleaning squad washing, wiping and dusting everything. If you hire both, each process will go well and require minimal effort on your part, outside of the high cost.  

If you are handling your own cleaning, the floors should be a top priority. Whether it is wooden, tiles plastic or carpet, you have to see to them thoroughly. Every floor should be vacuumed and/or wiped meticulously so there is no dirt or crumbs. Any stains should be seen to thoroughly, so wipe them extensively until they vanish, and if they don’t apply strong clearing detergents. Always buy the one most suitable for the stain and carry out instructions to the letter. Dents in the carpet left by furniture can be steamed out, loose threads cut and patches of discolouring restored with acrylic paint.

You cannot ignore any surface, so be prepared to tackle windows, doors, walls and counters. Windows should shine and cleaned inside and out, while work counters should have any stains and dirt removed, as well as be disinfected. The bathroom should be given plenty of attention, making looks as good as new, which includes sanitizing everything. Don’t forget to be seen to every angle of cupboards, as it can be easy to forget to clean on top and underneath them and sometimes inside. Blinds should be dusted and any curtains straightened. If any wallpaper is loose, stick it back on or replace it with a new section.

If you are leaving any furniture behind it should be in decent condition, with any problems fixed. The garden must be seen to, so tidy things up, cut the grass and remove any loose dirt, stones, etc. Empty all of your goods out of the building, not forgetting to clear the attic, basement, shed, etc.

If you bear all of this in mind you can make your old home ready for new tenants and look forward to your new address.