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Ingredients for Homemade Cleaners

How to Make Homemade Cleaner With Simple Ingredients


Baking Soda:
Known as one of the ultimate cleaning products, baking soda is a green ingredient which everyone has in their kitchen. It is really easy to use baking soda as a mild abrasive by sprinkling some on the stained or dirty area and then scrubbing well. It is widely known as one of the best products for cleaning bathroom tiles, glass surfaces, sinks and for removing bad odour from carpets. It can even be used to soften your laundry.

Castile Soap:
This soap is an oil-based one which is a great cleaning product for just about anything at home. As an all-purpose cleaning solution, you can use diluted liquid soap. It removes greasy stains easily.

You can use it as a cleaning solution for clothing because it absorbs greases and oils. You could also clean kitchen countertops and use it for the laundry. If the shelves in your fridge are dirty and greasy, treat them with cornstarch and you’d be delighted with the results.

Lemon Juice and Lemons:
Just like baking soda, lemon juice is known all over the world as a perfect natural cleaning product that you can use on just about any area. You can scrub the copper bottoms of your pans with it, or use it for its natural bleaching effect. If you want to bleach an area you can use lemon juice and then leave the garment to soak in the sun. This is a strong combination which gives really good results. When you have nasty greasy stains on your dishes to clean, you can use lemon.

This is another abrasive solution which you can scrub dirt and debris with. If you want to get rid of mildew or rust in the bathroom or kitchen, sprinkle some salt, use an old toothbrush and scrub the area well. You can also use it for polishing silver and copper pots and cutlery.

It is a really mild abrasive which you can use as a gel and scrub debris off from various areas. You can also clean silver with it and it is a good solution for removing stains from white shoes or clothing. Only use it for light scrubbing though and don’t use too much of it.

A very popular ingredient for cleaning various stained surfaces. You can use it as a fabric softener by pouring some in the washing machine next time you do the laundry. It is one of the best all-purpose cleaners. You can pour some in a bucket of water and mop the floors with this. When you combine it with baking soda you can clean the toilet, the bathroom tiles, the sink or any other dirty area that needs some proper polishing. Vinegar is an affordable cleaning solution so make sure you learn how to use it.

Hydrogen Peroxide:
This is a product you can use for disinfecting and it is also the strongest blood stain remover.

Knowing how to use the above-mentioned products will help you save a lot of money from commercial cleaners, which are toxic and not the best way to clean various areas. However, be careful and don’t mix products unless you are sure it is a working combination. Store these products accordingly and always rinse well after treating an area with them. There are many all-purpose cleaners which you probably have never heard of and you already have them in your kitchen.

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