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Keeping You Curtains Clean

How to Clean Your Curtains

As a feature in almost every home, curtains are often forgotten about when it comes to simple cleaning jobs. However, they can be an area which can quickly build up dust and dirt, as well as hiding the possibility of other uncleanliness. As expert cleaners, we often find that curtains and drapes can be one of those areas which – when cleaned – can make a big difference to any room. Found across the house, approaching your curtain cleaning in a regular and set out manner can make a real difference when it comes to keeping your whole home clean and you can often underappreciate just how big an impact it can have. As such, the steps for keeping your curtains as clean as possible are outlined below, and following a few of these steps can help ensure that everything in your home is as clean as possible.

Much like upholstery cleaning, many people only undertake a cleaning of their curtains when an incident has occurred. It could be a spillage or a stain which has made its way onto the fabric and become difficult to shift. As such, many people forget about a regular cleaning pattern and only clean these items in a responsive manner. So when it comes time to get cleaning, people can often forget just what the best approach to curtain cleaning is. Should you find a difficult to shift stain or mark, then this will likely cause an issue, but it can be approached in much the same way any furniture cleaning would be. Firstly, determine the fabric and figure out whether there are any chemicals or solutions which you should not use. Velvet or certain types of synthetic materials, for example, might respond poorly to certain treatments. Try and find a label on the material which might contain information about the best cleaning practices and the makeup of the material. In those instances where you cannot determine the answer, it might be best to take the curtains to a professional.

One of the benefits of simple and easy curtains is the washing process. If you have read the label on your curtains or drapes, you might discover that your particular set is actually machine washable. This makes the entire process a great deal simpler and it might be a good idea to dedicate the day to washing as many curtains as possible. Following the steps for a machine wash should be easy and then all that remains is to hang them out to dry. When it comes to drying, it might be worth remembering that you should wash those in the bedroom first. Hanging up damp curtains is not advised and can lead to large issues, so make sure that you have suitable materials to cover the windows in your room when you wish to sleep.
As well as the curtains themselves, the dust and the stuffiness which can build up in their immediate vicinity should always be dealt with. Lifting the up or moving them aside during regular cleaning is advised, especially if the area requires hoovering.

While curtains are certainly the most common feature in many homes, there are also many people who opt for blinds as well. Slightly more difficult to wash than curtains, and definitely not suitable for steam cleaning, good cleanliness in terms of blinds often relates to making sure to keep them as dust-free as possible. Regular cleaning and dusting will prevent large amounts from building up, and using a dry cloth will ensure that they are kept as clean as possible.

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