Keeping your home’s carpet clean from the heavy foot traffic of a removal's House cleaners

Keeping your home’s carpet clean from the heavy foot traffic of a removal

How to Protect your Carpets During House Moving


During a home removal, there will always be heavy foot traffic, in and out of the home. If there is carpet involved it can become quite a nasty scene especially if it is a light coloured carpet. This is just something that cannot be avoided. So the only thing to do is prepare the carpeted areas to ensure that they cannot be damaged during the move. It is not a hard task to carry out and preparation only takes an hour or so, and the money and/or time that the preparation saves is worth every minute.

There are different ways to go about protecting the carpets in the home and it is not necessary to use any specific material but the materials recommended here are great to keep the carpets safe. These materials include tarps (plastic or cloth), fiberboard, plastic or old sheets. Of course, the material chosen will most likely depend on specific budgets. Plastic tarps are cheaper than cloth tarps in most cases and fiberboard is used mainly on the area where heavy items will be taken through.

*A lot of hassle can be avoided if all the boxes and items that need to be removed are set in a central location. This will keep the whole house from being prepared for traffic.

The main thing is to lay down whatever material that will be used in the whole area that will need to be travelled. During a home removal, people are going to be coming and going frequently and everything that gets on shoes will make its way into the home, dirt and mud are the main culprits that need to protect against. Even though most removal companies do their best to keep from tracking dirt in the home it is almost inevitable.

If materials for this are just not within the budget, then using old sheets is the best route to go; almost everyone has some lying around the home. If there are none available a good place to look for some old sheets that can be used for this purpose is a flea market or swap shop. It is likely that some can be found for the change in the piggy bank.

Plastic tarps can be found at yard sales, if there is time available to go out and look for them, sheets can too for that matter. If plastic tarps are preferred they can easily be found at local hardware stores, it is common for tarps to be used for this purpose by home remoulding companies.

If the time for preparation of the traffic areas is just not available then there is always the option to hire a cleaning company to do a good and thorough carpet cleaning after the move. Most cleaning companies have something called an “End of Tenancy” cleaning and most of the time they guarantee these cleaning and add in the carpet cleaning for just a little extra. Hiring a company to clean the carpets after removal is a good idea even if the carpets were covered properly.

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