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Life is Too Short for House Cleaning

Top Tips to Make Cleaning a Little More Enjoyable


Not many people want to spend their whole life cleaning. There’s so much more that could be done in your spare time and the worst thing about cleaning is that not long after it’s done, it won’t be long before you need to clean it again. If you have kids, you’ll find that they love to tip things up, smear muck across the walls and generally cause chaos, animals leave hair and smell wherever they go and if you enjoy a hectic social life, you’ll soon find that clothes and bags are slowly but surely taking over the whole house. Here are three top tips to make cleaning that little bit more enjoyable.

Make it fun

A great idea for making cleaning a bit more enjoyable is to make it fun. Whenever you have a day off work and not much else to do, get into some leisurely clothes, don’t bother with hair and make-up and turn up the music. Choose the playlist and let yourself dance around the house getting all those odd jobs done. When cleaning the bedroom, clear out old bits and pieces and enjoy reminiscing over old times and forgotten items. Pick your music playlist wisely, slow songs will find you practising your singing instead of your sweeping whereas lively music will get you up and about around the house and a cloth and vacuum cleaner will be the perfect accompaniments for all that energy. Even better, use your cleaning time to get in the mood for a weekend night out; get the house in order before you get ready for a night with friends, creating a perfectly clean house to come back to the next day.

Reward yourself

If there’s nothing that will make you believe cleaning is fun the best way to make it more enjoyable is to partake in a bout of blackmail and bartering, with yourself of course. Reward yourself for any cleaning you get done and schedule it into your day before something far more enjoyable. For example; if you’re looking forward to a movie night; tidy up the bedroom before you settle onto the sofa, going on a shopping spree? Clear out the wardrobes to make space for all those new things. By looking forward to something far more interesting, or rewarding yourself for getting it done will all of a sudden make cleaning much more appealing. Better still, reward yourself with state of the art cleaning electronics and accessories to make cleaning even easier and less of a chore; you’ll soon find getting the house in shape easier when it takes half the time.

Get fit

If you prefer to be out and about; keeping active instead of cleaning, the best way to make household chores more enjoyable is by scheduling it into your workout routine, or to create one to get you motivated. Cleaning burns countless calories, and the more effort you put in, the better it will be for your overall well-being, both physically and mentally. Instead of paying for expensive gym memberships or talking yourself into going for an early morning run why not simply roll up your sleeves and get cleaning? Think of it as a full-blown aerobic regime with good music and in the comfort of your own home. Partake in moves such as the carpet cleaning crunches and the stair sweep squats. It’s much more enjoyable than being shouted at from the front of an aerobics class, no one has to see you getting fit with the cleaning brushes so you don’t need to care how you look and you’ll love your new look; both in yourself and in your home.

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