A Room by Room Guide to Cleaning your Home's House cleaners

A Room by Room Guide to Cleaning your Home

A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Your House


Cleaning your whole home can sometimes be daunting, especially if you haven’t had the time to clean as much as you would have liked and there is a lot of mess. The best way to deal with a large amount of cleaning is to break it down into one room at a time, that way you can make steady and noticeable progress.


The main things you’ll want when cleaning your bathroom are a scourer and sponge, cloth, some limescale remover, bleach or toilet cleaner, and a general-purpose bathroom cleaner. A mop or steam cleaner will also be useful for the floor. The first thing to do is remove any items that are on surfaces, floor mats and so on. Get everything that will get in the way out of the room before you start, as this will mean you can clean much more easily and thoroughly. Wipe the surfaces first, and put some cleaner down the toilet. Rinse out the bath and shower before you clean it too, as you don’t want to wash away all your cleaning product before it has got to work.


Again, it’s best to start by loading any dirty plates or cutlery into the dishwasher or wash them up first before you start cleaning. Get everything that might get in the way moved to somewhere else for the time being, and make sure all the surfaces you need to clean are clear of any clutter. If you plan on cleaning the oven, then make sure you leave this until last, and open all your windows for ventilation. Generally, the best approach is to wipe the tops first, then dust, and finally vacuum. This will clear out all the dust you have thrown up when dusting and wiping.


Bedrooms can normally be cleaned quite quickly, as there may not be as much surface wiping that needs to be done and so on. Make the bed first and put away any clothes or clutter that is in the room before moving on to dust. Once again, you should leave the vacuuming until last, as you don’t want to throw up lots of dust on to a freshly vacuumed floor


Again, begin by removing any clutter from the room, and get any rugs or mats out of the way for when you need to vacuum. Shake these out and leave them outside for the time being or put them in to wash while you clean the rest of the room. It can be useful to approach the room in sections, as the chances are you will have quite a lot of furniture and cabinets etc in the room that need dusting. Do one cabinet or mantelpiece at a time, wiping and dusting then replacing what was on there before. Once you have wiped and dusted everything, give the room a vacuum and replace any rugs that had to be taken out.


Depending on how often and what you use these rooms for, you may not need to clean them very often. A garage will require more attention than an attic that you simply use for storage for example. It can be helpful to have a look through what is in these rooms every once in a while and see if you can get rid of anything you don’t need. This will free up more space and make any cleaning easier.

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