Planning your End of Tenancy Cleaning's House cleaners

Planning your End of Tenancy Cleaning

Helpful Hints for Move Out Cleaning


Planning your house move is an extremely stressful time. There are a lot of things to be thinking about but it’s important you take the time to plan your end-of-tenancy clean. Your landlord is able to withhold your deposit or charge you for leaving the property in a less-than-clean state, so if you want to ensure you’re getting all of your deposit back it’s best to plan your clean as thoroughly as you can. If you’re not sure where to begin then have a look at this guide of helpful hints, tips and tricks to get you started.

Speak to your landlord.
It’s important that the first step you take in planning your end-of-tenancy clean is to speak with your landlord. Ask what renovations they might be planning for when you’ve left – if they’re having the carpets replaced then you could be wasting time, effort and money in cleaning them thoroughly. The same goes for appliances like the cooker, which you landlord might be aiming to have replaced. Speak to your landlord to see what level of clean they expect so you don’t find yourself working too hard when it comes to your end-of-tenancy clean.

Start as early as possible.
You might not want to start cleaning until the property is empty – this is the preferable option as it means you can give the place a thorough clean without forgetting anything. However, this isn’t always practical to do. There’s no such thing as starting your end-of-tenancy clean too early, so you may as well start with the bigger and less frequent jobs – like wiping down your walls and cleaning behind your cooker and washing machine.

Enlist the help of friends and family.
Your friends and family are invaluable when it comes to the end-of-tenancy clean. Assign each person a room to clean and tidy to make quick work of such a big job!

Consider hiring professionals.
If you’re hard-pressed for a time then you might want to think about hiring a professional cleaning company. This is a great way to ensure the property is being left in a suitable state and it will free up a lot of your time so you can concentrate on the moving process. Just be aware of how much hiring professionals can cost – you don’t want to be spending more than your deposit is going to be!

Think about hiring a storage facility.
If you want a place to store your belongings while you give the property a thorough clean then you might want to consider hiring a storage facility on a temporary basis. This means you’ll be able to do a great job of cleaning up the property without being cluttered by boxes and bags. This might even help save you time, as you won’t have to be rushing between your old and new properties and trying to clean in-between.

Be wary of how much your end-of-tenancy clean might cost you!
If you’re thinking of hiring professional help, a carpet or steam cleaner or if you feel as though you’re spending too much on cleaning products then it’s important to make a budget and stick to it. It’s possible you could end up spending more than your deposit’s worth on your end-of-tenancy clean, and this is something you definitely want to avoid! Plan your budget carefully, especially if you’re hiring help, and be wary of hidden costs and fees!

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