The 10 Uncleanest Spots in the House's House cleaners

The 10 Uncleanest Spots in the House

 Dirtiest Places in Your Home


We’re always cleaning, it seems to be never-ending. How many days in the week do you seem to spend vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, wiping, scrubbing and rinsing, only to need to do the jobs again the very next day? But are you concentrating on the right places across the home and do you know what actually needs cleaning? Here are the top 10 dirtiest spots across the house to make you run for the bleach and scramble for an industrial pair of rubber gloves.

Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is not a surprising entry for a place that really needs cleaning more than it probably is. Not only are there remains of food, grease and oil lingering around the plughole, there is also the remains of countless bowls of filthy water. It’s important not to forget what else you might drop down the sink accidentally so thorough decontamination is in order.

Light switch

On and off and on again, your light switches get used continuously and how often do you clean them? Especially lights in the kitchen and bathroom which will harbour a considerable amount of worrying germs which you then transfer onto other areas of the home or simply ingest it.


We use it twice a day to clean our teeth, but who cleans the cleaner? It is recommended that you replace your toothbrush every six months, but in between new toothbrushes, you’re leaving it in a dirty cup or holder to mingle with other unclean toothbrushes. Before you rush to throw them out, regularly leave them soaking in a clean holder with warm water.

Remote control

The most favourite gadget in the house, perhaps, and it gets used for a whole manner of things. Changing channels, a play toy or simply just something to hold, it’s well used and much appreciated but is it ever cleaned? You should regularly use disinfectant wipes especially if you have small children who might be tempted to have a nibble on that remote.

Coffee Maker

It would be rare for someone to make a coffee in a dirty cup, so why would you make a coffee in a dirty machine? Well, you probably are! You may regularly clean the outer casing to clean it of stains and dirt, but taking apart the machine often to clean the interior is just as important.


Every time you touch a handle you’re transferring germs from your hands and onto the surface and of the surface onto your hands and so on and so forth. It’s quite a scary thought, but instead of wearing gloves wherever you go, instead, you should just be extra vigilant in cleaning handles; from the fridge to the cooker to the doors.

Toilet base

Of course, you clean your toilet, you expect it to be the uncleanest part of your home, but in fact, there are far more germs around the base of your toilet. If you have children and men in the house it is necessary to clean the base of your toilet frequently to avoid germs lingering in such an unexpected spot.

Your Handbag

If you take a moment to think of everything that has been in your handbag; makeup, food, dirty tissues and whatever else you throw in there without thinking, you won’t be surprised to realise it’s actually a very dirty place. If it’s not the type of bag you can wash then turn it inside out, vacuum and wipe for a refreshed handbag.

Sponges and cloths

Again, who cleans the cleaner? Well, you should. Sponges and cloths get used frequently to clean all those germs of surfaces and to wipe away dirt, they then sit there ready to be used again. The spot where you sponges sit should be cleaned regularly, as should cloths, whilst sponges should be regularly replaced.

Dish drainer

Your dishes sit here to drain, and may well sit here for quite a while, whilst that dirty water and the last remains of food debris sit underneath and inside the rack making it a very unhygienic spot. Cleaning it regularly will prevent a build-up of rather unsightly gunk from dirty water.

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