The Big After-Holidays Cleaning's House cleaners

The Big After-Holidays Cleaning

Useful Tips That Make After Holiday Cleaning Easy


You all are familiar with the moment of truth when the holidays are over, the presents are open, noisy parties are in history, but the tree has lost its freshness and brightness. And everything you want now is to have a clean home where you can feel comfortable and relaxed when you walk in.

After-holiday cleaning of the house can be annoying, but it’s certainly an inevitable obligation. And it is best to do it in the first few days of the New Year. So, not only will you get your desired comfort back quickly but you’ll also attract prosperity and positive energy that will accompany you during the next 365 days.

First, be serious about the idea of a clean home and do not neglect any corner of it. Otherwise, neither Feng Shui principles will function properly nor air would be fresh although you generally maintain perfect hygiene. If you think you could not cope with the mission, seek the support of friends or family, and if you doubt your own responsibility and dedication to the task, encourage yourself with a kind of reward.

A clean house without a Christmas tree

Housecleaning should begin by removing the Christmas tree and decorations. Some people remove the decoration on the second day of the New Year, but many try to preserve the spirit of the holiday at least for a week afterwards. Wrap the toys and other fragile Christmas decoration in paper and place them in boxes; pack garlands, ribbons and dried flowers separately. Do not worry about the crumbling needles because you can easily clean them with the vacuum cleaner after finishing with the packing.

Clean kitchen

Perhaps you have a large amount of food left after the holidays that you should take care of. Dispose of all damaged products from the refrigerator, freeze the meat and check fruit and nuts because usually, they gather flies and worms. Pay particular attention to the stove; you can remove the burnt traces by sprinkling some baking soda on them; leave it for several minutes to dissolve and, then, remove the coating with some water.

Clean and fresh rooms

Ventilate the rooms nicely because fresh air is a must for a clean and healthy home. If you use an air conditioner to heat the house, be sure to wash or replace its filters; during the holidays they have probably accumulated a lot of dirt, smoke and fumes from the candles. You can even put air fresheners in the filter to make the room smell lovely throughout the day.

Your pure home should shine. This is something like a tradition after celebrating the New Year. Use an effective detergent or natural cleaning products for the flooring; carefully gather all the needles from the carpet although it might take a little longer, then, sweep all the dust.

Polish the furniture carefully or clear them with some detergent but not oil. All glass surfaces should also shine. Household appliances should be cleaned from the spray, powder and sticky substances but only with water and a soft cloth.

Do not forget the balconies

You probably don’t spend much time out there in the winter but balconies are part of your home. Clean the snow, sweep the dust and dirt brought in by the wind and arrange everything. You’d better organize all of your garden furniture in one corner of the balcony and cover it in order to keep it protected during the winter.

Try to find ways to make the cleaning process a pleasure with music, company and fresh drinks. Remember, the next holiday is coming soon, so make your home the perfect place to host it.

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