The Lazy Woman's Guide to Spring Cleaning's House cleaners

The Lazy Woman's Guide to Spring Cleaning

Tips for People Who Hate House Cleaning

The first days of spring are looming; the sky is bluer, the air is lighter, the sun might possibly be shining and a refreshed glow is filtered through the environment and into everyone’s well-being with a combined feeling of rejuvenation and optimisation. However, despite the clear, crisp atmosphere, spring also brings an aspect of fear and dread; it’s time for the ominous spring clean. Spring cleaning is a historic tradition when the house is cleaned and cleared from top to bottom. Back in the old days, this may have been a possible feat, but nowadays? Well, nowadays everyone in the house is busy, you have to work, take the kids here there and everywhere and enjoy your own social life. Cleaning is at the back of most people’s minds, and Spring is no different. Despite this, a good, old fashioned spring clean is great not just for the home, but also for your own well-being as it adds a feeling of revitalised energy. So, here is the lazy woman’s guide to spring cleaning complete with fast track solutions and all the corners you could possibly cut.

Focus your efforts

The first thing is first, is to focus your efforts. If you think you are facing the chore of a lifetime, you’re going to put it off. Instead, think about what areas of the home you really want to clean and clear. Perhaps your bedroom is simply out of control, the bathroom has a mind of its own or the living room is simply full of unknown corners and clutter if so, attack these spaces with vigour. If your bathroom is relatively clean and tidy, you look after your kitchen and keep a tight ship in the garage, why bother? By fine-tuning your mentality and approaching the task systematically, you will have a better attitude towards cleaning and enjoy the benefits far more.

Take time to clear

Make the time to clear out the spaces instead of just tirelessly cleaning, not only will it make it quicker and easier to scour and scrub, but you will also enjoy the benefits of a clearer and tidier home. Sort out any clothes, old documents and structure your bits and pieces. It’s time-consuming, but well worth it and also fun to look over old things you forgot you had and therapeutic to rid yourself of things you don’t want or need. After all that hard work, take old clothes, books, music and useful items to the charity shop to extend that warm, fuzzy feeling. With some order and structure, it will be much easier to clean. For those that have dedicated a day or two to spring cleaning, cleaning as you go will make the task quicker and more thorough. In rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, ordering your things will give you a clear idea of what you do and don’t have.

Make the most of it

It might sound like the hardest part, but why not try to enjoy it? A day alone in the house, don some leisurewear, turn up the music and make the most of spring cleaning. Cleaning is great exercise, and the more effort you put in, the more such a tedious task can soon become quite a thorough workout, keeping you in shape and fit. A day of cleaning might sound like a nightmare, but you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel the next day after spending a good eight hours cleaning, sorting and clearing. You can survey your hard day’s graft and find everything you need that little bit quicker and easier. Besides, if that’s not enough, snuggle up on the couch with some wine and chocolates to relax in a sparkling clean home as a well-deserved reward.

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