Top 5 Natural Cleaning Tips and Tricks's House cleaners

Top 5 Natural Cleaning Tips and Tricks

 Natural Cleaning Tips That Actually Work


Natural cleaning methods have been around for centuries and are great for every task in our home. They’re eco-friendly, cost-effective and are perfect for the whole family. Natural products leave no harsh residue meaning it is safe for every surface, even babies’ high chairs, and no strong odours linger. Your home will be cleaner in seconds and be left smelling naturally fresh. There are countless tips and tricks available and once you make the switch you’ll never look back on those cupboards which were once full of expensive chemicals. Once you’ve mastered the do it yourself approach to using natural cleaning remedies, you can start experimenting with uses and ingredients as well as adding your favourite essential oils for an inviting scent and a perfectly clean home.

Sparkling mirrors

Cleaning mirrors and glass is more often a nightmare than the quick and easy job it should be. It seems no matter how hard you try there are still streaks left to torment you after giving it a thorough clean. For sparkling mirrors wash with white vinegar and buff with newspaper. It’s quick, effortless and a completely natural cleaning method which will leave you with streak-free, gleaming mirrors and glass. Surprisingly, the vinegar leaves no harsh smell behind, so you can use it on everything from mirrors, shower glass and even wine glasses, but if the smell bothers you mix with a few lemon drops to neutralise any odour.

Fresher carpets

For carpets that are less than fresh, whether lingering with animal smells, odours from spills or musk from previous tenants, instead of scouring with sponges and waiting for foams to dry, simply sprinkle with baking soda. Baking soda has a great power to lift odours from almost anything leaving a fresh and clean fragrance in its place. Leave for 15 minutes or longer for stubborn odours, sweep and vacuum for carpets to get close to. For added fragrance add a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the baking soda to leave your carpets smelling beautiful.

Clothes like new

Baking soda can also be used in the washing machine, not only to clean clothes and stubborn stains but to also bring whites back to bright white and looking brand new as well as leaving a soft finish. Not only is it a great tip for cleaning clothes it is also perfect for the whole family, especially sensitive skin.

Natural wooden sheen

Dusting wooden furniture and sideboards is great for cleaning your wooden household items without worrying about ruining the natural finish and damaging the grain. But after time, wood can often come dull and worn looking. The easiest and safest way to clean natural wood is by using a few drops of lemon essential oil, or by running the rind across the surface, to rid dirt, grime and to leave a fantastic natural sheen. Some also swear by olive oil as a cheap alternative to branded cleaners.

Grease free pots and pans

If you spend too much time soaking, scrubbing and scouring greasy pots and pans, then you should try this quick, cheap and natural tip for effortless cleaning. Simply sprinkle with coarse salt, leave for a short while, then wipe with half a lemon. The grease will simply wipe away leaving you with sparkly clean kitchenware which smells fresh and leaves no harsh residue.

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