Top Tips For Steam Cleaning's House cleaners

Top Tips For Steam Cleaning

How to Steam Clean Your House

Steam cleaning is a relatively new and modern way of cleaning homes, not everybody is a fan of this method however it does have various benefits. Health-wise it can be a godsend and it’s also eco-friendly and naturally brilliant.

The benefits!
Steam cleaners do not use detergents or products, only water! They clean by producing hot water vapour which sprays the surface of need and abolishes grime, lime-scale, bacteria or anything else that may be present.

Steam cleaners add moisture to dry air; asthma sufferers may notice a difference with a more humid atmosphere rather than one that is a little dry. Dry air and dust and any allergies that may be present is often a trigger for asthmas sufferers, and the steam cleaning method can help to reduce or even eliminate this.

Steam cleaners are effective at cleaning many areas and items around the home including sinks, hobs, ovens, tiles, walls, floors, bathrooms, sofas, carpets, curtains, rugs etc which is great because it means that you no longer have to buy many different products to tackle each of those areas, thus saves you some cash!

Steam cleaners are Eco-friendly cleaners which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, many people have already switched to a greener way of life, and others are doing their bit for the planet by introducing a few small changes, but nothing major to your lifestyle, this is a prime example of that. It’s also good to point out that Eco-friendly is often less expensive in most cases too, with the steam cleaner it saves you money in the long run as you no longer need to stock up on cleaning products.

How to use a steam cleaner!
If you are unsure about switching to a steam cleaner, you could hire domestic cleaning agents to come and clean something in your homes, such as a carpet or rug, and you will see exactly how the experts do it! Cleaning contractors tend to use this method of cleaning quite frequently; however, although the technique is rather similar, the machinery they use may differ slightly from the ones most people use.

There are different types of steam cleaners available to buy, you may go for the boiler one which boils the water to produce direct hot steam, or you may like to use the humidity one which releases a steady warm flow, not too hot, but still effective.
Instructions do come with these products but these are some of the tips we like to use;

When steaming curtains that are hanging, start at the bottom (because steam rises) and work your way to the top, that way the area you are steaming has already had a little steam from the risen vapour and you are just giving it a double hit. We find this to be more effective way.

Same with anything else you steam, like walls and tiles, it’s always better to start at the bottom and work your way up!

Hobs and surfaces!
When steaming hobs or any other surface, try to move slowly back and forth and if necessary, repeat the process to ensure you have managed to lift the grease or residue which is stuck.

Carpets and rugs!
Start furthest from the door and work your way across the room until done, this way you do not have to step on the carpet that has been steamed and can exit through the door that is close by. Concentrate longer on areas which are particularly stained by going it a few times and once the job is complete allow it to fully dry before you step on it.

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