What Services Can a Cleaning Company Offer you? 's House cleaners

What Services Can a Cleaning Company Offer you?

Services Offered by a Professional Cleaning Company


As we become more and more work orientated, we have less time to clean our houses and therefore more and more of us are looking toward professional cleaning companies and the services they can provide us with. Will they just come and do a quick sweep of the house or do they provide more? Read on to find out.

If you want to hire a cleaning company, be sure to research what is available to you in your area. Check prices and reviews, reviews are always important as it gives you an idea as to the actual services that they provide to their customers rather than the services they claim to offer. It is always best to call the potential cleaners and get a feel of what they are like over the phone as this is where first impressions lie, prepare a list of questions you would like to ask them, such as how much will it cost, is insurance included and how does it protect me, etc.. If possible, arrange to meet your cleaner so you can start to build up a relationship of trust with them. After all, this person will be coming into your home and cleaning everything for you so they need to be highly professional. Once you have chosen a company you can start to explore your options on the service you would like. There is a variety to choose from:

Traditional cleaning - This is very domestic and is quite simply dusting, vacuuming, cleaning floors, and making sure the house is tidy. This is the package that is most popular as it gives an adequate amount of cleaning and is most like what you would do yourself.

Spring clean/deep clean- If it’s that time of year or if you just need something heavier, it will be best to opt for a Spring Clean/Deep Clean package. This will be inclusive of all of the above and include carpet washing and removal of stains from upholstery. It is ideal if your house hasn’t had a proper clean in a while, or perhaps if you have gone away and come back or are going away for a while.

End of Tenancy cleaning- If you are selling your own property or moving out of a rented property or, the landlord and/or prospective tenants/owners will want to see the house in the same state as when it was let out: spotless. This will remove all stains and dirt and return the house to its state before you arrived. This is a sure way to guarantee you get your full deposit back!

One off clean - If you are usually doing well but need a little bit of extra help, a one off clean can set you back on track. This is simply a traditional domestic clean but just as a onetime thing. You could also use this to test the company and see if you like their standards and the way they work.

Some companies will also do specialised cleaning services for more heavy-duty tasks (that are not included above). These can involve:

• Carpet cleaning
• Upholstery cleaning
• Rug cleaning
• Oven cleaning

Some of these seem quite simple to complete yourself however a professional will best know how to get rid of any sort of stain for you, without ruining the fabric.

A professional cleaning service can offer you many things, including advice however before letting anyone into your home make sure you feel comfortable. After all, it is your home they will be cleaning.

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