A Fine Cleaning Schedule With Some Tips And Tricks

Handy Tips for Your House Cleaning Schedule


Don’t you want to take out the vacuum cleaner, broom, and mop and bucket every time you feel that you need to freshen up your home? You don’t need to. Here I will list some of the greatest cleaning tips you can do that doesn’t really waste your energy but will keep your home neat and clean. For a normal-sized house you can do a more thoroughgoing cleaning about once a week if everyone keeps track of their own items so that they don’t lie around the house causing anything but trouble. Cleaning will go fast if divided into let’s say four people, one hour each every Sunday for example.

Some things you can do whenever – not all the things at once – you feel like it; I call it quick picking. A little by little will be big in the long run. Remove the shoes from the hallway, it gives a better look. Take your dry microfibre broom and quickly swipe the floor. Wipe the sinks both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, remove old foods, it’ll take you thirty seconds. Replace the towels when they are dirty. Remove old flowers and replace them and light the candles. Quick picks really are what it sounds, pick up things lying around and put them away.

Once a week you should clean the bigger things like the floors and furniture, vacuum and mop the floors, dust, sweep the chairs, faucets and sinks, wipe the toilet, sink, bathtub and shower. Mix soap, lemon and water in a spray bottle. Spray the toilet in the evening and let stand overnight. Then, just flush and you have a clean toilet every day. The bathtub you can rub with lime and some salt to make it fresh.

Also, there are some things that you can do only sometimes, like once every three weeks or so. Give your flowers a bath. Wipe the baseboards and the gap between the floor and the bar with detergent to remove dust and dirt. Sprinkle salt on the cutting board, rub and let stand. Then rinse. Descale the coffee machine with one cup of vinegar and six cups of water, or a bag of citric acid and five cups of water and pour it through the machine. Turn on and turn off halfway and leave standing. The water should run through the machine four times.

And maybe once a month it is time for that huge tidy. Now it is time to dust the walls and wipe the splines around windows, floors and doors. Remove all the things in the shelves like books from the book shell and the bric-a-bracs from the vitrine and wipe them. Dust and wipe all the radiators, defrost the freezer and clean the fan and move the stove so that you can reach behind it. Let’s stay in the kitchen and head for the oven grill or grill grid. Let it lie in Coke overnight, and then rub with a piece of foil. It will show you miracles. Spray the oven with soap and water and turn it on to a hundred degrees. Leave it for a half-hour. Turn off, cool and dry out. Wash and shake the curtains and carpets/rugs. Vacuum the bed, aerate and turn the mattress, wash pillows and duvets. Dust/vacuum / wipe the furniture that cannot be taken out. Wipe chandeliers or candle holders by spraying it with water, vinegar and soap and then rub. Clean out your closets and air them, donate things that you do now use. Now we come to the things you do rarely, like once every six months. Clean the windows, maybe when fall or spring arrives. Vacuum behind refrigerators, freezers, stove and valves and maybe clean out the attic.