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As you can see, the North West is a very proud area of London and it is fair to say it is attracting tourists not only from the same shores, but it is also very big on an international level. As a resident in the area you surely know that cleaning can be a real problem, but this is where London Cleaners comes in. By choosing us you can be sure that you are in safe hands as we supply professional, eco-friendly cleaning services in North West London. By choosing us you will get a dependable, efficient and experienced cleaning company. You get an entire company at your fingertips and we will be with you every step of the way during the cleaning process. When you choose us, we make sure that you are getting the complete service at a very affordable price. Call 020 3397 3245 today and enjoy the benefits!

post tenancy cleaners in north west londonHow would you best describe North West London? In 2012 it can be argued that author Zadie Smith summed it up better than anyone else. Within the pages of NW, she described the diverse ethnicities and lifestyles of the region through deep analysis and exploration. North-West London showcases a unique mix of cultures, social classes, and landmark attractions. From the Hampstead upper classes to the Indie followers of Camden town, nowhere else within London’s borders showcase diversity any better than North West London. The North West Region of the capital starts amongst the dense railway line of Euston and trickles down to the Mill Hill streets. Running East to West, it reaches from the luxury properties of St John’s Wood to the traffic induced streets of King’s Cross. The southern boarder has the busy Marylebone Road and Euston Road has all the hotels to match with any budget available. Around this area are popular attractions such as the British Library and the famous waxwork museum Madame Tussauds.

This North West area of the capital heads up north from the dense railway lines of Euston to the streets of Mill Hill, then it is east from the avenues of St John’s Wood, to the streets of King’s Cross. The southern boarder has the busy Euston Road and Marylebone Road has all the hotels to match with any budget available. Around this area are popular attractions such as Madame Tussauds and the British Library.

We have highly professional and trained to the highest standards team of cleaners. They know exactly what they are doing and will treat your place and possessions as if they were their own, so you can be guaranteed the highest quality in professional cleaning services. We are not one dimensional cleaning company as we offer a variety of services including commercial cleaning, home cleaning, deep cleaning, end-of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and lots more. Why not pick up the phone now and give us a call on 020 3397 3245? We will be happy to give you a free, no obligation quote for your job.  No job is too big, no job is too small for our experienced staff, and our prices are budget friendly and extremely competitive. We have a highly trained customer service team who can work with you and discuss your needs and the professional cleaning services we can offer in order for you to select the one that best suits you.

When you choose London Cleaners you are getting the leading and professional cleaning company on your side. You will get a service that is simply unmatched too. If you are looking for a cleaning agency that you can count on to give you work of the very highest standard then look no further, we are the right company for you. Don’t delay, just pick up the phone and book our services today on 020 3397 3245!

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Our Testimonials
T. Hope 2022/10/02
I booked in London Cleaners and hired their cleaning services, as I thought my property could do with some help, some professional attention. It certainly got that. The service made all the difference.
Mark D. 2022/09/24
I hired this company and they carried out some exceptional work for me. I'll certainly be hiring their professional cleaning services in North West London again, should I ever need to.
T. Sitwell 2022/09/20
I did my research before hiring London Cleaners. All things considered, hiring their cleaning services seemed to be the best decision. They proved that to be the case. Their team left my property beautifully clean and in glorious condition.
Zara J. 2022/09/19
I've made use of their cleaning services over the years. Most recently I got this company to do a deep cleaning of my entire property. It was a big job. I still got it done for a great price. They managed it superbly.
Donna H. 2022/09/17
Hiring London Cleaners and their cleaning services turned out to be far cheaper than I'd expected. I reached out to other firms for quotes too. Other companies were quoting me a lot more for the work I needed to do.
R. Griffiths 2022/08/26
My home in North West London was crying out for a thorough, deep clean. I got London Cleaners on board to carry out the home cleaning for me. I was thrilled with how the service went and what they managed to do for me.
Iwona H. 2022/08/25
Their carpet cleaning expertise came in handy. If not for this company in North West London, I'd have chucked my carpet away. It was a tremendous service. I'd thoroughly recommend them.
Wayne H. 2022/08/23
They carried out carpet cleaning for me to a very professional standard. I was very impressed with the service. They said they'd be able to achieve results and they weren't wrong.
Stephen A 2022/08/06
The standard of the carpet cleaning they carried out for me was exceptional. They achieved results I didn't think would be possible. I'm glad I booked them in. They accomplished what was needed and more.
Andy M. 2022/08/01
I hired them to do some carpet cleaning for me. I honestly thought the situation was beyond hope but hired them as a last-gasp attempt to do something about it. I was well and truly amazed at the results they managed to achieve.
Yasmin A. 2022/07/30
They did a load of deep cleaning for me when I needed them to. I was impressed with their attitudes, personable natures, and ultimately, the professional work London Cleaners completed for me.
E. Nolan 2022/07/27
It was cheap to hire their house cleaners for the two-hour service. Just because it was cheap, it didn't mean the service was lacking in any manner. They did a thorough and professional job.
Tammy H. 2022/07/27
The standard of the cleaning work they carried out for me was just top-notch. I hired them just to do some spring cleaning. They did a great deal more than that.
Violet M. 2022/07/16
I relied on their house cleaners for a lot. The team put on my job didn't disappoint. The effort they put in and their professional approach paid off.
Kevin A. 2022/07/15
The carpet cleaning service was desperately needed. I trusted London Cleaners with sorting the situation out. They did more than just sort it out. It was a tremendous service. I'd recommend them to anyone with a grubby carpet. This team will be able to do something about it.
Elaine H 2022/07/04
I got them to do carpet cleaning for me after hearing rave reviews about them online. The reviews were certainly a true representation of this company in North West London. They achieved amazing results for me.
Andy A 2022/07/03
The outcome of the carpet cleaning wasn't just an improvement in aesthetics. They thoroughly sanitised my carpet, cleaned deep within the fibres, and left it in a healthy condition again.
K. Livingstone 2022/07/02
I trusted them with the task of getting our office clean before welcoming clients for an important meeting. They provided a brilliant commercial cleaning service in North West London. It was all very impressive.
Gareth S 2022/07/01
I gave their house cleaners the unenviable task of deep cleaning my kitchen. It was crying out for some elbow grease, some professional attention. I hired the right company for the job.
Wayne H 2022/06/25
I booked in their house cleaners to clean my kitchen, and deep clean my oven. It was in an awful state. They left every surface in my kitchen, my oven, inside and out, gleaming clean. It was just the service I wanted.
Bianca H. 2022/06/22
The office cleaning they carried out for my business was spot on. Our workspace hadn't been cleaned for some time. They did a thorough and professional job. Getting them on board proved to be cost-effective for my business too.
Kim A 2022/06/15
I hired them, hoping they'd be able to achieve something for me. I desperately wanted a clean carpet at the end of the service. I could hardly believe it when I saw my carpet.
Cory M. 2022/06/08
The house cleaners from London Cleaners were out to impress. They did a massive amount for me. It was all very impressive.
Pia K. 2022/06/03
London Cleaners sent over a brilliant team of house cleaners to help me out. There was a lot that needed seeing to. They completed everything I asked them to do, and did so thoroughly and professionally.
Belinda H 2022/06/01
The clean carpet North West London left me with was magnificently clean. It was a wonderful job.
T. French 2022/05/31
Their team from left me with a gloriously clean carpet. I thought achieving such a level of cleanliness would be impossible. I got the right team of experts on board. They knew just what to do.
R. Bellamy 2022/05/24
I hired their cleaners to clean my entire kitchen. I needed them to pay special attention to my appliances which I'd neglected to clean, for, well, ever! They listened to instructions and carried out a superb clean.
E. Groves 2022/05/21
I want to say a massive thanks to the end of tenancy cleaning team from London Cleaners. What they did for me in North West London was just fantastic. I'd thoroughly recommend getting them on board if in a similar situation.
Kourtney A 2022/05/04
The end of tenancy cleaning service London Cleaners carried out for me benefitted me immensely. Thanks to them, I was able to get my deposit back without issue. My landlord was very happy with the effort I went to hiring them.
Mona H. 2022/05/03
I'd never treated my property in North West London to a professional deep cleaning service before. It was about time. I did my research, booked this company in for the job, and was left thanking the lucky stars I did. They did exceptionally well.
L. Matthews 2022/04/21
I booked their rug cleaning team to finally get the shabby state of my rug sorted out. I was left delighted with the service. I'm so glad I hired London Cleaners.
L. Handscombe 2022/04/20
Hiring London Cleaners for office cleaning proved to be cost-effective for my business' needs. They cleaned to a high standard and left us all thoroughly impressed, so much so, that we'll be booking them in for weekly cleans.
D. Newland 2022/04/11
Their carpet cleaners did a fine job for me. I didn't think it'd be possible to improve the appearance of my carpet quite so much. I was very happy with what they did.
E. Myre 2022/03/31
I booked their carpet cleaners in for a job in North West London as my carpet desperately needed some professional help, care and attention. When I inspected the carpet at the end of the service, initially I thought London Cleaners was leaving me with a brand-new carpet. It was that clean.
Aly S. 2021/12/01
I'd used other home cleaning companies before. The services had always disappointed, left a lot to be desired. I'm so thankful for this company. It was the first time I'd hired them. They've instantly become my go-to company.
Penny W. 2021/11/18
My home in North West London gets cluttered and dirty quickly because I have such a large family. It's hard to keep up with it all. I have been enlisting in the help of these cleaning services for a couple of months now. They come weekly and leave my home clutter-free, fresh, and respectable. I am so thankful for their help.
K. Jupp 2021/11/09
I've utilised pretty much all the cleaning services this company has to offer. Whoever London Cleaners send in North West London ends up doing a top job. I actually look forward to having their professionals work in my house because I just know that my house is going to be all the better for it.
Rodney M. 2021/11/03
The best house cleaning service I have ever booked.
Ingrid F. 2021/10/31
I hire this company every year to do spring cleaning in my home.
R. Matthews 2021/10/08
After detailing what needed to be done to their team, I let their house cleaners loose in my property. I returned to inspect their work at the end of the service, and due to the transformation, I thought that I was walking into a new house!
Doris C. 2021/09/08
I could never live without London Cleaners. They come to my flat weekly to help me with my cleaning. I couldn't keep it up without them.
Sienna H 2021/06/12
The home cleaning professionals London Cleaners sent out were up to the challenge. They did a wonderful job for me. There was a lot for them to handle. They managed the lot superbly.
R. Doyle 2021/06/09
Being able to call upon this cleaning company, when in need has proven to be mightily beneficial for me. They've helped me out massively with all sorts of household jobs only a team of top professionals could do.
Wendy U. 2021/05/04
I can't believe how well this cleaning company does home. I am so impressed. I love it when they show up. Everything sparkles and smells so good.
R. Basterfield 2021/04/05
London Cleaners' highly competent team of cleaners didn't leave me with anything to grumble about. All they did for me was mightily impressive. I'd hire them again, would recommend them, without hesitation.
Jenna M. 2019/11/28
I'm currently pregnant and not able to do a lot of cleaning around my home in North West London. And with two kids, my house seems to get super dirty. I had two young ladies come out, and I had them deep clean my large bathroom. When I went in and looked at, my bathroom was sparkling! They cleaned places to perfection!
Samantha F. 2019/11/19
London Cleaners was extremely responsive, prompt and professional. They did an amazing job in a very timely manner for my apartment in North West London.
Theresa M. 2019/11/10
I hired house cleaning services with London Cleaners. They are very responsive and accommodating. Friendly and prompt staff. Willing to do what it takes to ensure your satisfaction. The cleaning crew in North West London is a pleasure to work with.
Amber M. 2019/09/26
London Cleaners always does a fantastic job on my house in North West London. My team is on time and thorough. Highly recommend!!
Andy F. 2019/06/18
Fantastic job and very friendly. The house was a mess in North West London, and I was not looking forward to cleaning after moving. They communicated throughout the entire process, and I could not believe how good the house looks.