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Get Professional Cleaning Services at the Lowest Prices in London

We offer you the lowest prices you can find. Our cheap prices aim to make us as available as possible. We scout the market and we see what our competition offers. The point to our low prices is not only to one-up the competition but to invite more customers to try out our services.

Prices starting from
Professional steam cleaning £16
Tenancy cleaning £95
Jet washing/Pation cleaning £2.50/sq.m
Armchair £21.50
Professional window cleaning £2
Professional oven cleaning £40
Professional gutter cleaning £35

Even when our standard prices seem too low, we can still make exclusive offers. We will surprise you with discounts and special deals that will see the already low prices seem even more insubstantial. We have different deals at different times, so stay in touch and see what we offer.

And whatever the deal, whatever the price, one thing will always be a constant: our high-quality cleaning services. Every job we provide for you will be carried out by true professionals as swiftly and as safely as possible. Rest assured that with us you are in the best hands.

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