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When it comes to professional cleaning companies in Greater London, there are so many to choose from. How good are they? Are they reliable? Well look no further, London Cleaners is the company for you. We are professional cleaning company that you can count on. By selecting us you can consider your search for a high-quality cleaning agency over. Each one of our cleaners will approach your cleaning needs with ruthless precision. What cleaning services are on offer? Our cleaners are the most versatile in the business and offer a full range of services which include one off cleaning, upholstery and carpet cleaning, office cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and more. Call 020 3397 3245 now, let us know the cleaning service you need, and we can arrange an appointment.

garden cleaning in greater londonLondon is divided into the City of London and the wider area of Greater London. This has come about because the London area grew by absorbing neighbouring settlements. Outside the limited boundaries of the City, a variety of arrangements have governed the wider area since 1855. Greater London as we know it today was created in April 1965. It replaced the traditional admin counties of London and Middlesex, while also absorbing regions of Kent, Surrey Essex, and Hertfordshire. A local two-tier government system originally existed in Greater London; this system saw Greater London Council share power with the City of London Corporation. 32 London Borough councils, 12 from Inner London and 20 from Outer London, also had their say in proceedings. After years of problems, the Greater London Council was dissolved in 1986 with its functions and powers being devolved to both the City of London Corporation and the 32 London Borough councils. Three of these London Boroughs, Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston and Greenwich, carry the title of Royal Borough.

Greater London has not been granted city status by the Crown, but instead is an administrative county. However, London and Westminster within it have been grated city status by the Crown. As a county Greater London has a Lord Lieutenant appointed for its area. Greater London is under the local governance of the Greater London Authority, headquarters are at City Hall, Southwark, which is made up of an elected assembly and the Mayor of London (not to be confused with the Lord Mayor of London). The Mayor is responsible for Greater London's strategic planning and produces a plan for London each electoral cycle (every 4 years). Greater London has an area of approximately 1,856 square miles (4,810 km), the same area as the London European Parliament constituency. The 2011 census showed that the population had reached 8,174,000.

All these people over such a large area mean it takes a lot cleaning to keep the properties in Greater London looking their very best. How much will I have to pay? Will it be expensive? When it comes to price, you can be sure that our company’s prices are extremely competitive. The services we offer are on a price scale, which means that we are affordable and budget friendly and there would be a price package suitable to everyone. Our cleaners are the very best in the business, meaning that when it comes to professional cleaning services, there is no better name to speak in Greater London than London Cleaners. Select the leading name in cleaning to get cleaners and a service that is simply unmatched. Hire us when you want a professional cleaning service that you can count on. We guarantee that you won’t be left disappointed. Call 020 3397 3245 today for a free estimate!

Areas We Cover:

Professional Domestic Cleaners Lewisham SE13

Inexpensive Carpet Cleaning Romford RM1

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Tottenham N15

Best Domestic Cleaning Service Upminster RM14

Experienced Office Cleaners Woolwich SE18

Cheap Rug Cleaning Services Stratford E15

Our Testimonials
T. Reeves 2022/10/03
Their cleaners arrived on time in Greater London and were eager to get stuck in. They seemed to relish the challenge and took pride in their work. Their work ethic and approach paid off. I was very happy with how clean my house looked at the end of the service.
L. Delany 2022/10/03
The cleaners they sent out to Greater London impressed me. They certainly proved their worth. It was a fantastic service, one that I'd thoroughly recommend hiring to anyone that has a property with any sort of cleanliness issues.
Gregg M. 2022/09/30
After experiencing what their cleaners are all about, I'd recommend London Cleaners for such work to anyone. I'm certainly going to be calling them again should I ever let the situation get to that stage.
Kim S. 2022/09/20
Their cleaners had a massive task on their hands. But they did brilliantly for me. It was a big, mucky job. But they made it seem easy, like the professionals I'd been hoping they'd be.
R. Reed 2022/09/19
I came across London Cleaners whilst doing some online research and managed to hire their cleaners for the work that needed doing for a very good price. I'd happily recommend them to anyone.
John A 2022/08/26
The cleaning work their team completed for me met my lofty standards. I was paying for a professional service, so expected exactly that. That's just what I got.
L. Plant 2022/08/23
London Cleaners and their brilliant team of cleaners carried out a load of exceptional work for me. They completed some fabulous work. I'd highly recommend them.
Mona H. 2022/08/21
Their cleaners worked very hard for me. I put an awful lot of mucky work on their plate. They accomplished it all to a terrifically high standard without any problems at all.
Bob A. 2022/08/13
Their cleaners set out to impress. Impress they certainly did. I loved what they did for me. I'll be hiring them again whenever the situation in my home requires a professional touch.
F. Banks 2022/08/09
I was very impressed by the work done by their cleaners. They completed some fabulous work for me. It was all very impressive. They left most of my house gleaming clean.
L. Langsford 2022/08/06
The cleaners from [COMPANY NAME] endeared themselves to me by the end of the service, just due to their attitudes and the way they went about things. It was complete service from a very professional team.
Ruby H. 2022/07/31
I thought it was about time I got my upholstered furniture cleaned. I got my upholstery cleaning done for a very fair price. I was delighted with what London Cleaners achieved for me.
E. Middleton 2022/07/16
Whenever I need some professional cleaning done, I always call upon this firm. They're always available when needed and always willing to do even the grubbiest of tasks. Their teams complete them with smiles on their faces.
Hamish A 2022/07/04
I hired their house cleaners for last-minute service. They sent over a brilliant team to Greater London. They were hard-working and worked tirelessly for me in order to get everything asked of them completed within the time I'd hired them for.
Jim A 2022/07/04
London Cleaners did a top rug cleaning service for me. I actually thought, due to the dire state of my rug, that the situation was beyond hope. I was tremendously surprised when I set eyes on my rug after the hour-long service.
R. Maxwell 2022/07/03
London Cleaners left me with a gloriously clean carpet at the end of the service. It had been in a seriously grubby state. I was hoping they'd be able to improve matters. What they did for me left me thoroughly impressed.
Nellie H 2022/07/03
I want to say a massive thanks to their upholstery cleaning team in Greater London. The work they did for me and the results they achieved were just terrific. I'd never thought about hiring such a service before a friend recommended London Cleaners to me. Now I'm recommending them.
R. Cockcroft 2022/07/03
I want to thank the cleaning team from London Cleaners for all they did for me. I asked them to do a great deal for me during the two-hour service. They made assurances to me beforehand, and didn't let me down, came through on their promises.
Brody A 2022/07/01
I really wanted to be left with a clean carpet at the end of the service, but I wasn't holding my breath. They somehow managed to improve the grubby state of my carpet. They left it in a beautiful condition.
Ben A 2022/06/24
London Cleaners, the team they sent around to Greater London, used upholstery cleaning treatments that worked. They left my upholstered furniture looking cleaner than it had ever looked before.
K. Swiss 2022/06/23
Their house cleaning team from worked their socks off for me during the two-hour service I'd hired them for. They did brilliantly and did a tremendous amount of work in not a lot of time, yet they were thorough and professional in their approach.
L. Boland 2022/06/21
I put it on London Cleaners to complete my house cleaning jobs. I didn't much fancy doing it all myself. Being able to hire them provided a logical and cost-effective alternative.
James H. 2022/06/18
Hiring them to carry out the carpet cleaning service for me was definitely the right decision. Their top team of professionals used the right techniques and treatments and managed to get my carpet looking glorious again.
Bianca H 2022/06/18
The upholstery cleaning they carried out for me was done to a high standard and made a great deal of difference to the appearance of my upholstered furniture. It was a fantastic service, one I'd thoroughly recommend booking in.
L. Swiss 2022/06/13
London Cleaners was just a great cleaning company to deal with. They were prompt and professional on the day and achieved everything asked of them to a high standard. There were no issues. Everything was professionally carried out.
Ben H. 2022/06/11
I hired them, utilised their cleaning services, and was very impressed with what they managed to achieve for me. I put a lot on their plate and loved how they went about things and the result.
Hannah A. 2022/05/27
I regularly book this company for cleaning. I've hired them for all sorts of jobs over the years. They always carry out thorough, professional work. It's well worth hiring them.
Karl A 2022/05/25
London Cleaners had good cleaning reviews, so I decided to give them a try and hire their services. I'm glad I did because I received a fantastic service. I'd recommend them to anyone.
R. Sutcliffe 2022/05/20
They did some deep house cleaning for me. I'd neglected to give my property a deep clean for quite some time. I hired them because of their great reviews and reasonable prices. They came through for me with a fantastic clean.
Kim A 2022/05/09
I got London Cleaners around to clean my upholstered furniture. I was hoping the upholstery cleaning would make a difference. It certainly did.
Sienna H 2022/04/09
The home cleaning professionals London Cleaners sent out to Greater London were up to the challenge. They did a wonderful job for me. There was a lot for them to handle. They managed the lot superbly.
E. Myre 2022/03/03
I hired their carpet cleaners for a job in Greater London as my carpet desperately needed some professional help, care and attention. When I inspected the carpet at the end of the service, initially I thought London Cleaners was leaving me with a brand-new carpet. It was that clean.
G. Burton 2022/01/12
The house cleaning jobs I set them were all done within the two-hour service. It was a great job. I'm so glad I hired them for the work, and I look forward to hiring them again.
Melvin S. 2022/01/07
I always hire London Cleaners for house cleaning, and the brilliant crews that are a part of their workforce always impress. Hiring them is great because I just know they'll do what's needed and will complete the lot to a high standard.
Yasmin S. 2021/12/01
I got my cleaning done from this company and was more than happy with the outcome. They left my house sparkling, looking spick and span. It was a great service and I'm glad I hired them.
Jim S. 2021/11/23
They were done and dusted with the home cleaning jobs I'd set them before I knew it. But they didn't rush the process. They did a thorough, extremely efficient job.
Charlie A 2021/09/09
I booked in their house cleaners for some mucky work in Greater London and was very impressed with what took place. After seeing what they're about, I'd recommend London Cleaners to anyone.
Regina H. 2021/09/02
As I get older, I find it harder and harder to keep up with my house cleaning. I use London Cleaners for their house cleaning services. They always are friendly and quick. They leave my home as clean as I would if I could. I appreciate it. Thank you.
Belinda H. 2021/09/02
The clean carpet London Cleaners left me with was magnificently clean. It was a wonderful job. It had been a long time since I'd seen my carpet looking so clean and beautiful.
Sam T. 2021/08/26
I have a hard time cleaning anymore. I hired this company to help me out once a week. They always arrive on time and leave my home smelling wonderful. These are the perfect cleaning services if you cannot clean yourself.
Betty K. 2021/08/15
My parents have a home that this company comes and cleans weekly. I cannot express how grateful I am for their cleaning services. My parents appreciate it so much too. Thank you.
A Mom 2021/07/07
I hate to say it, but my daughter was very ill last week. Our carpets, couches, and chairs needed to be deep cleaned or thrown out. I hired this company to see if they could help save our furniture and clean our soiled carpets. They were understanding and assured us they could clean anything. They did too, and everything has been freshened and disinfected. Thank you.
E. Haney 2021/04/05
Their house cleaners worked their socks off and didn't leave until I was completely satisfied with everything. They checked in with me to ensure that was the case, which is something I greatly appreciated.
Russell A 2021/02/06
The house cleaners London Cleaners sent over to work on my job worked tirelessly to achieve everything that was needed within the time I'd hired them for. I was impressed with the service.
Sally N. 2020/07/01
I was throwing a great big gathering for the fourth of July in Greater London. I wanted my home to sparkle for my guests. I hired London Cleaners to come in and clean my home before the party. I love how they left everything shining and fresh. My guests were impressed by how clean my home was. It was thanks to you guys. Keep up the great work.
C. D. M. 2019/11/28
We have been very happy with London Cleaners in Greater London. They do a great consistent job; they are always on-time and are friendly. I would recommend this cleaning service if you are looking for reliability and friendliness people.
Kristi from Greater London 2019/11/13
I love the job they did; they got areas cleaned, that I've worked on a lot with no luck. They do work magic, and this weekend I am relaxing thanks to you guys!
B. Brugmann 2019/10/30
Awesome cleaning service. We were moving across the town into a new house in Greater London and had London Cleaners come in to make sure everything was perfect when the moving truck arrived. The moving truck ran into some bad weather, and so we had to battle some scheduling adjustments. Well, they came in after their normal hours to get the job done and did great.
Robert K. 2019/10/14
The cleaning crew cleans my house in Greater London every other Friday. I love them! They do such a great job! I am super picky, and they even out clean me! I would highly recommend them.
Allison B. 2019/09/19
London Cleaners makes home cleaning so easy. I scheduled my one-time cleaning online, which was very convenient. The ladies that showed up (on time, mind you) were very pleasant and did a great job cleaning my house in Greater London. I would recommend their services to my friends and family.