Everything You Want To Know About Protective Coating Your Carpet's House cleaners

Everything You Want To Know About Protective Coating Your Carpet

Anti-stain Protective Coating Service for Your Carpets

You must have heard of many carpet cleaners offering an anti-stain protective coating service for your carpets but not completely understanding what it is, it is easy to be apprehensive about a new treatment on your precious carpet. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about scotch guarding, giving you a clear picture of the pros and cons of the procedure so that you can decide for yourself. When cleaning companies market it as the ultimate upholstery and carpet insurance, they are not wrong. This is by far the most efficient method to protect your carpets and make them last longer.

In this process, they spray a chemical on your carpet. This chemical is absolutely safe and forms a coating on the fibres which does not allow liquids to easily soak in. This means that you get a wider window to react to a spill before it starts to stain. The more time your liquid has to penetrate the fibres, the more permanent the stain will become. Stain guarding essentially delays the process. On the same principle, it also prevents your carpet from absorbing undesirable odours too. The coating also protects the fibres from being worn and torn by regular use, making it last longer. However, you must know that with time, the coating will wear off and the carpet will become less protected. This can easily be remedied by re-applying a fresh coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Is it safe?
Yes, most stain guarding chemicals are approved by the government legislation bodies and the carpet cleaning companies will advise you that you can return to using your carpet normally once the chemical has dried after the application process. Once dried, it gives off no foul odour or chemicals nor does it alter the texture of your carpet. You can get more information by reading the safety label on the product.

2.    How will it be applied?
The cleaners will apply it as a spray on your carpet. This ensures that it is applied evenly to all parts of your carpet and upholstery, after which it should be left to dry untouched for about 8 hours. Treading on the carpet while it is still wet with the chemical will prevent the coat from drying evenly over the fibres, giving you disrupted protection.

3.    How long does the coat last?
How long it lasts depends mostly on how much you use the carpet. A carpet placed in an area of high traffic and vacuumed regularly will need to be re-coated more often than one place in a less used area. However, you must know that the coating will eventually wear off, and will do so even sooner if you are going to shampoo or steam clean your carpets. This is why you are advised to recoat your carpets with stain guard after steam cleaning and shampooing.

4.    What can I use it on?
Apart from your carpet fabric, the stain guard chemical can be applied to almost any fabric – rugs, upholstery, curtains etc. The key part is that it should be applied by a trained professional. You can have your carpet coated on-site or have it transported to an upholstery cleaning plant where they have better equipment to do a larger coverage area.

5.    How do I remove a stain?
It is not that the coating will not allow your carpet to be stained, it will only delay the process, giving you more time to clean it. In order to remove the stain, blot it with an absorbent cloth or blotting paper and use a stain removal solution or white vinegar to rinse out the stain. Soak it in detergent solution and wash it normally to drive the stain out. If it still persists, you might have to call in a professional cleaning service to have a look.

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