Cleaning Tips that will Make Your Everyday Life Easier

Easy Home Hacks That Will Instantly Improve Your Life


Do you feel that you have to walk around your house every single day and pick up dirty socks and find that your bathroom really needs to be freshened up? Do you feel that every time that you have to clean your house the process of actually starting to clean is harder than the actual cleaning? Here follows some easy tips and tricks on how you can make your house cleaner and your life a bit easier for your everyday life and when you are expecting guests.

Your worst enemy is all the small items lying around not really having any place to go. You trip over them, you do not find them when you want to, and they give the impression of a messy house. You will need to find a place to keep all these things so I suggest that you get yourself some nice looking baskets or boxes – that match the feeling of the particular room – where you can put all these things and every once in a while tidy them out from the items that you do not use. In that way you know where you put all those things so you easily can find them. In the bathroom for example you can have a basket hanging on the door which keeps all your shampoo bottles, nail scissors, pads etc. In the living room, you can have a nice wicker basket with newspapers or one box each for you in the hall where you can keep your keys, reflections, mirrors, makeup etc. Another smart idea is to have one laundry basket in each bedroom so that no room gets a pile of clothes on the floor or chairs. If you want to save your hallway floor from dirt put a doormat both inside and outside the door and have your shoe rack close to the front door.

Cleaning does not need to take the whole day. You don’t have to do the windows, clean out the freezer or mop the floors every time you need to tidy up. If you are expecting guests in the middle of the week you can clean the surfaces on under a half hour. You want to make your home presentable; start off in the hallway. Remove all those little items and put them in the boxes and more importantly make some room for your guests to hang their coats and put their shoes. To vacuum clean, the carpet and the open areas would be a good idea too. After that, you can lit some candles if you want. The bathroom needs to be fresh but for that, you don’t need to swab everything, just rinse the sink and shower/bathtub and make the surfaces acceptable and hang up new towels. Maybe put away the toothbrushes and only have a small scented candle and soap on the sink. The bedrooms should never really be visited so before you close those doors make sure the beds are made and only have one little lamp shine in the window to make the sight cosy if someone wants to take a look. The living room or kitchen will probably be the place that you and your guests will hang out so make these places presentable as well by vacuum cleaning, dust wipe, and also here, put away all those smaller items and newspapers, clean out the dishes and lit some candles. I always dim the lights when I expect my guests so that the “cosy factor” rises. It always works.