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At London Cleaners we have set out to make sure that everyone in the area is able to access amazing cleaning services, no matter your budget. Our cleaners are all experts in the field of cleaning, and will turn their hand to anything that you need of them. This basically means that whatever you need cleaning, it can be done! We have attended to office cleaning, as well as spring cleaning for those with naturally dusty homes. Why not get in touch with us on 020 3397 3245 to hear more about how we can help you out today? There is nothing to lose, so call us right now.

How can we help you save money?

When you have cleaners who work as hard as we do, you will quickly find that house cleaning jobs are not as time consuming as you may have assumed. Our cleaners have long years of experience in all manner of cleaning exercises, and they are able to get their work done in no time, without reducing the overall quality of the job that they are doing. You are only paying for the time that you need us for, which may be less than you assumed! Many of our happy customers are very surprised by the level of cleaning that we deliver for such an acceptable price.

We do the dirty work, so you don’t have to!

When it comes to cleaning, most people in Cranford would prefer not bother. You work hard, and when you come home you don’t want to be stuck with even more work in your time off! Having cleaners to do all of that for you can be a great relief, and we try our best to make sure that the whole process is stress-free and easy for you. You will no doubt want to reduce the amount of time you have to spend organizing this sort of thing, so we work around your schedule and make the booking process extremely easy. The best way to get started is to simply call us on 020 3397 3245.

We work in Cranford, TW5

tw5 upholstery steam cleaning in cranfordCranford is an area in the outer reaches of West London. The area is in the Greater London Borough of Hounslow, and borders on the edge of Heathrow International Airport. The region is a small one, only 1.05 square miles in size, and with a population of around 12000 people. The area has been faced with expansion from Heathrow airport and therefore is not a particularly stable place to live. The region falls under the TW5 and TW4 postcodes, and borders on areas like Hounslow, Hayes, Hatton and Heston. Whilst it is certainly on the outer limits of London, it is perhaps not the most pleasantly rural area, simply due to its proximity to the Airport, which brings a lot of traffic and industrial developments with it.

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We really are the best value for money in the Cranford area, so why not give us a ring right away? There is little to lose, and most of our customers use us over and over again once they have seen the quality of our work. We can run you through any queries that you may have about the way in which we clean your home, as well as the kinds of cleaning professionals that we have on staff. Securing the best time of the week to clean your home needs to be done as soon as possible however, so call us at London Cleaners today on 020 3397 3245.

Our Testimonials
S. Shaw 2021/05/31
Their house cleaners were amazing! I loved what they did. They left every inch of my property in TW5 spick and span. They did what was asked of them, and more, because they finished early. Really went above and beyond!
Crystal G. 2021/02/26
I was so utterly impressed with London Cleaners that I also hired them to clean the house of my parents every week. I would very much recommend this cleaning company to anyone in the Cranford area.