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End Of Tenancy Cleaning with London Cleaners Is a Nippy Process

End of tenancy cleaning is intended for people who are moving in or out of a rented home, or for landlords who want to make their accommodation look presentable for the new tenants. It can also be used if you’re selling your home. It’s a deep cleaning, which means no overlooking of anything, whether of major or minor importance. Having in mind that the potential tenants, or buyers, expect a well-maintained home that not only looks good but will also serve them without troubles for the term they need it. And here intervenes our company, but in a good way. We are experienced in this type of cleaning, which means that we are inevitably the right choice. You can find us on this number 020 3397 3245.

As letting agents always have some special requirements about the condition which the accommodation should be in, we are ready to strictly fulfil them all. In fact, we are aware of most of them, but if you have some additional ones, we’ll be glad to take them into consideration as well.

London End of Tenancy Cleaning

We work in teams, and we dare say we do everything fast and efficiently. But the most important thing is that we know how to do the cleaning properly. Our cleaning experts are familiar with all kinds of techniques and methods, and they handle cleaning as professionals. They will take care of every corner of your property like true cleaning bees. You can be sure that their approach towards the cleaning process is serious and proper. When we are dealing with cleaning, we always put customers’ need first. That’s how it should be because we are doing all this for your good, and we know that well. We at London Cleaners don’t tolerate a halfway-implemented job. Exactitude as well as contented customers is what we’re aiming for.

Since you let strangers into your property for some time, we realize that you may have concerns about the team of specialists we’re sending. You can rest assured that they are all trustworthy people as we would never threaten the safety of your accommodation. Some information of what exactly we offer as the end of tenancy cleaning of your accommodation will follow. These will just be some brief examples of what is done most often.

It’s not a secret that we’re going through every single room of your property. The kitchen will be cleaned thoroughly, including cleaning of all cupboards inside and out and domestic appliances as well. The sink and the fixtures will be deeply washed as well. Then in the bathroom, the floor will be washed, the toilet will be disinfected; the bath, the shower and the sink are also going to be sanitized. In the bedroom – vacuuming or mopping, depending on the flooring, cleaning of wardrobes and dressers. Washing windows and dusting furniture will be done in the entire accommodation.
Have in mind that these are not all the services that we offer for this type of cleaning. We can’t possibly enumerate all of them in detail, since every property has different kinds of surfaces, flooring and furniture.

Your new tenants, as well as you, will be pleasantly surprised by the results after the cleaning. Our company can give you a little hint in advance – fresh atmosphere, neatness and a feeling of something brand new. Isn’t that the dream home for every tenant! If we were able to convince you already, call on 020 3397 3245.

Our Testimonials
Sienna R. 2022/06/24
Their cleaners sorted out the cleanliness issues in my flat. It had been a long time since I'd seen it looking so clean. Every surface was sparkling.
K. Redgrave 2022/06/21
I booked their cleaning services in the hope they'd be able to rectify the cleanliness issues I was faced with. I'm pleased to report that they came through for me. I was very happy with what they were able to achieve.
Iona H 2022/06/19
The end of tenancy cleaning [COMPANY NAME] carried out for me was done to a high standard. It was a desperately needed service, and it paid off, as they ensured I got my deposit back.
L. Landsdowne 2022/06/18
I did my research, looked into different companies and services, and got quotes from different firms for the jobs I needed to do. London Cleaners gave me the best quote by far, plus they did great work on the day.
Eddy H. 2022/06/17
I got their cleaners to handle the mucky work of cleaning my kitchen and bathroom. They were up to the challenge and left those areas cleaner than they'd looked in a long time.
Ellen H. 2022/06/12
Being able to hire their cleaning services and have a professional team come around when I needed them really helped me out. I couldn't have done all that work to a standard close to what they achieved!
K. Maxwell 2022/06/09
I hired their cleaning services at the last minute. I needed some urgent work to be carried out. Thankfully, they were able to accommodate my needs, and I say thankfully because the standard of the cleaning was exceptional.
D. Carlisle 2022/06/07
Their cleaners were done and dusted with the tasks I'd set them before I knew it. They took the initiative to ask me what else needed to be done. Everything they did, their proactive approach, was impressive.
Paris M. 2022/06/02
Their cleaners worked their socks off for me and made every effort to ensure I was left satisfied with the service. It was a great clean, a brilliant service. I'll be hiring London Cleaners again.
Hamish 2022/05/31
I put a lot on their plate. The cleaning experts handled everything without any issues.
R. Hawes 2022/05/14
My landlord was thrilled with the effort I'd gone to in hiring their professional end of tenancy cleaning team. They cleaned to my specifications, and it resulted in my landlord returning my deposit back to me.
Kourtney A 2022/05/04
The end of tenancy cleaning service [COMPANY NAME] carried out for me benefitted me immensely. Thanks to them, I was able to get my deposit back without issue. My landlord was very happy with the effort I went to hire them.
S. Handscombe 2022/05/04
I booked London Cleaners in for a desperately needed end of tenancy cleaning service. The job was completed brilliantly. My landlord was quite thorough in his final inspection. But even he couldn't find any cleanliness issues.
K. Swiss 2022/04/15
Hiring [COMPANY NAME] for end of tenancy cleaning proved to be a great decision. What they managed to achieve for me, in what has to be said, wasn't a great deal of time, was just wonderful. Importantly, my landlord was thrilled with their work.
E. Groves 2022/04/04
I want to say a massive thanks to the end of tenancy cleaning team from [COMPANY NAME]. What they did for me was just fantastic. I'd thoroughly recommend getting them on board if in a similar situation.
Miles H 2022/03/12
[COMPANY NAME] handled the home cleaning job I set them superbly. From the onset, I knew I'd chosen right, that they were a top team of professionals.
Iwona H 2022/02/13
What their carpet cleaning team did for me did wonders for the state of my carpet. It wasn't in a great state. Thankfully I hired the right team. [COMPANY NAME] was able to rectify the situation and make my carpet look brand new without issue.
Lauren S. 2022/01/13
The end of tenancy cleaning carried out was all done very professionally. Unsurprising considering they worked tirelessly throughout the two-hour service, left my apartment looking spick and span.
Carissa H. 2022/01/11
The cleaners from London Cleaners made every effort to complete everything, the massive amount of work I put in front of them, during the service. I'm thrilled to report that they completed everything to a high standard.
Mark S. 2022/01/03
The cleaners from London Cleaners did a terrific job for me. Getting my flat that clean was no mean feat. It wasn't in great condition. But I was thoroughly impressed with how they went about things, and ultimately, the results they were able to achieve.
P. Newland 2021/12/19
I got London Cleaners to do a spot of end of tenancy cleaning for me and I was very happy with what transpired, just how clean everything looked at the end of the service. I'd highly recommend booking with them.
Lorna H. 2021/12/02
The cleaning team from this company arrived on the scene and didn't waste any time getting to the jobs at hand. They had everything completed within the hour. It was a thorough job. I loved the outcome.
Sally O. 2021/11/26
I have used other cleaning services before. However, this company does the best job.
Ben S. 2021/11/19
I got my end of tenancy cleaning done for a great price. London Cleaners did a brilliant job too. They were neat and thorough. Everything looks and smells great too.
Ingrid A. 2021/11/04
I have heard of several cleaning services, but this cleaning company has the best reviews by far. I will try them.
Mary C. 2021/10/28
I love how this cleaning company is always polite and friendly. Great cleaning services.
Connie M. 2021/10/18
Of all of the cleaning companies I have tried in the past, this one is the best. Keep up the great work.
Larry J. 2021/10/06
Wow, this company has the best cleaning service reviews.
Fran M. 2021/09/25
I searched for cleaning companies. This company ranks the highest in customer satisfaction. I think I'll give them a call.
Kim A 2021/09/13
[COMPANY NAME] carried out a fantastic domestic cleaning job for me in my time of need. I was very impressed with everything that took place when I hired them.
Lance H. 2021/09/10
The cleaning they carried out for me was done to perfection. They paid attention to what I wanted to be done and went about doing it brilliantly. I'm certainly going to hire them again.
Irene B. 2021/08/14
I evicted some people from my flat. I hired this company for their end-of-tenancy services. They saved my flat! Thank you.
Keith G. 2021/07/20
I recently evicted people out of my home. I called this company for their end-of-tenancy cleaning services. I'm impressed with the result.
Ken D. 2021/07/08
I own rental properties. I always use this cleaning service for end-of-tenancy cleaning. They do a great job and leave my properties ready to be lived in again.
Nelly H 2021/07/05
I've hired [COMPANY NAME] and made use of their cleaning services many, many times. Time and time again, their teams impress. They're consistently brilliant. I'd definitely recommend booking in their services if in need.
Josh A 2021/07/02
Booking this cleaning company for the service proved to be the right decision. What [COMPANY NAME] managed to achieve for me during the two-hour service was all very impressive.
George S. 2021/06/24
I have this company perform end of tenancy cleaning services every time someone moves out of my rental properties. They always take good care of my properties for me and leave them spotless despite the messes left behind when people move out. An awesome team.
L. Whitford 2021/05/17
The end of tenancy cleaning team London Cleaners sent cleaned to a high standard. He was happy I'd gone to the effort of hiring such a professional service and handed my deposit back to me without hesitation.
Helena H. 2021/05/10
I hired London Cleaners for urgent end of tenancy cleaning. They delivered the perfect service. Importantly, the end result was that my landlord was very happy, handed my deposit back to me without hesitation.
Violet S. 2021/04/27
Thanks to their end of tenancy cleaning professionals, I got my deposit back. My landlord was very happy with just how clean his property looked.
Heather 2019/11/28
The cleaning crew is awesome! They want to make sure we are happy clients, and they work hard! Thanks for your diligent efforts!
Mary L. 2019/11/11
We just moved and hired London Cleaners to clean our rental after the move. I am so glad that we did! They did a great job, and I could not be happier. Thank you so much!!
Anna R. 2019/10/16
These guys are awesome! They did a residential end of tenancy cleaning for me, and then I booked them bi-weekly for my new home because they did such a great job!
Bryce O. 2019/09/12
London Cleaners has been the best cleaning service that we have ever used! We recently moved halfway across the country, and we scheduled an end of tenancy clean with them. The staff was friendly and hardworking. The result was even better than we expected. We would highly recommend this company to any and everyone we know!
Clay C. 2019/08/14
We had London Cleaners do a move-out cleaning, and they did a great job. They had the place looking better than the day I moved in. I can't thank them enough for their thorough attention to detail. I would recommend this team to anyone needing end of tenancy cleaning, and I will look to use them again if I need cleaning service.
Nicole M. 2019/07/10
Deep clean after renters. They did a great job; the house looked and smelt wonderful! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I recommend to anyone.
Danielle Y. 2019/07/09
The staff at London Cleaners is dependable, professional, timely, and very thorough! Our Law Firm truly has never looked better! The cleaners pay attention to detail and truly go above and beyond for their customers in every aspect.
Ashley 2019/05/13
Investing in a cleaning service like London Cleaners helps with maintaining a nice and overall clean house. I hired them for end of tenancy cleaning - everything was immaculate. They did those extra steps during the cleaning process, like wiping down blinds, the baseboards, and fan blades. These areas in the house can be so easily overlooked. Thanks, guys for all that you do, and keep up the great work!
Robbin 2019/03/20
The scheduling is super easy. I have been pleased with the jobs done for my end of tenancy.
Jane J. 2019/01/30
First of all, London Cleaners is one of the best cleaning services to use. The staff is so nice and professional. They left the house spotless and take that extra time and effort to make sure my end of tenancy cleaning was perfect. I am so thankful.