How to Get Rid of Dust

Easy Ways to Eliminate Dust in Your Home


We all want to live in clean and healthy homes and enjoy the fresh air and cosiness of the living area. In order to have a clean home, we need to put some effort on a daily basis to prevent dust from entering and to clean it regularly. Dust is a combination of pollen, dirt, plant fibres, spider webs and dead skin. Knowing what dust really is can make you look at it from a more serious point of view and really do your best to fight the dust in your home. If you manage to reduce it the positive effect will be on everybody.

In order to get rid of dust, there are a few steps that you can do to cope with it. The first step is to remove the magnets of dust that are in your home. A major problem and accumulator of dust and grime is the carpet. The area with high traffic at home will always accumulate lots of dirt, but the carpet not only makes dust settle in, but it also gets spread around the house due to our treading on it. If you don’t want a constantly dirty carpet you might have to replace it with wood flooring from wall to wall. If you insist on having a carpet at least in the living room, you need to vacuum it regularly. The second biggest dust magnets are heavy drapes. They get dusty really quickly and dusting them off only spreads the dust in the entire room. Replace drapes with lighter blinds instead. The third major magnet of dust is the upholstery, which gets dusty quickly, but it can be hard to notice. If you want less dust on your sofa and armchairs, replace upholstery with vinyl or leather.

After you spot the problematic areas at home it’s time to dust everything. Remember that some areas don’t seem dusty, but they are. Such areas include the cabinets’ doors, the leaves of your plants, the walls and corners of the room and many others. Try to dust your home more than once a week if you don’t want to sit and look at a dusty TV screen and white shelves. Always start from top to bottom and finish with vacuuming and mopping the floors. Don’t rush when dusting and try to do an efficient job. You can use a damp cloth or an old clean sock to reach all the crevices and corners easily. If you don’t want too much dust to try to rearrange some items. Small figurines, photo frames and other small items should be easily accessible, but they are also the ones that accumulate dust the most. Don’t forget the kitchen and the bedrooms – dust the major appliances and the cabinets regularly. The kitchen should be one of the cleanest rooms in your house since this is the area where you store food and cook. Another area to take care of is the ceiling fan (if you have one) and the air filters of the air conditioning. These two areas spread dust a lot. Shake out rugs, slipcovers and blankets once a week and vacuum the upholstery. Most of these chores are neither hard nor time-consuming but they will ensure a cleaner and much healthier home. Don’t forget to open the windows while dusting, if the weather allows it. This way you let fresh air in and the result will be a clean and nice smelling home.