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Office Space Cleaning – You’ve Come to the Right Place with London Cleaners

As far as office cleaning goes, our services are irreplaceable! We have the necessary skills to make your office shine. Clean surfaces, clean floors and a dust-free working environment – this is what provides a healthy atmosphere for your employees. A healthy worker is always the most productive one! With the proper set of skills and the precise work of our capable experts, we can assure you that today with us office cleaning becomes a pleasant experience for you since you don’t have to do anything in particular. Tell us when and where, and we’ll do it most professionally. This is our number: 020 3397 3245, in case you have an inquiry.

We are aware that a clean, neat and tidy office is not only the place for employees to work in a germ-free environment but also the site that has to look presentable in the eyes of clients and partners. It’s the face of a serious company. That’s why it has to be maintained most accurately by people who know what they are doing. We don’t want any misunderstandings, so we use the best methods we know when cleaning office space. You can hire us for a regular daily office cleaning or for a one-off. We know that cleaning services are usually carried out after working hours for your own convenience and we provide them then. But if you need us at another time of the day or if you book us at a short notice, we can still organize a clean-up and take care of your request as fast as possible. We also offer weekly and monthly office cleaning services, as we want to please you to the highest extent.

When cleaning an office, it’s more than obvious that it can’t go without help in general. What people shouldn’t estimate is the assistance of a real professional company like ours. It’s the favourite choice for you if you want precision. Here are some of the most commonly used services we provide when cleaning office space.

• Cleaning floors – sweeping, mopping and polishing if necessary
• Dusting – horizontal surface and high dusting
• Gathering and throwing out of trash.
• Sanitation of restrooms.
• Disinfection of doorknobs, and light switches
• Vacuuming of carpets
• Washing windows and blinds
• Cleaning all appliances in the kitchen area of the office
• Cleaning of office equipment, such as computers, copiers, printers, fax machines and telephones
• Others (you can call us on 020 3397 3245 and ask for any specific requirements)

We can guarantee that when implementing these activities we use harmless methods, and the people in your company won’t suffer some unpleasant consequences because of us. In the course of our experience as a cleaning company, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth risking peoples’ health with the use of dangerous cleaning agents. And it’s not that we don’t try hard, but we’ve managed to combine and find the best possible methods that work well together for you and for us. Our technicians are always well prepared for taking challenges with even the hardest situations. That’s what we are here for – to perfect our skills and thus to help you in moments of need for a clean-up.

We do know the safer way to use cleaning equipment and detergents. If you want to get rid of germs, bacteria and dust, and to have employees who aren’t endangered by these unwelcome threats, we are one ring away from a working environment free of such harms.

Our Testimonials
B. Lawrie 2022/06/23
I got my office cleaning sorted for a fair price, especially considering all they had to do.
Zoe M. 2022/06/20
Their commercial cleaners were more like magicians. My office hadn't ever been cleaned. It was in a sorry state. That didn't faze their professionals. They handled the job brilliantly.
W. Robinson 2022/06/18
They had good office cleaning credentials. I decided to give them a go. It was a great service. No doubt our business will be hiring them again.
R. Carmichael 2022/06/14
My business regularly hires them for commercial cleaning. I love having them clean our workspace. We can look forward to something of a transformation after the service. Our offices look cleaner and just feel different.
Becky Y. 2022/06/11
I'd tried office cleaning myself. Nothing I tried made the slightest bit of difference. I hired this firm, and they rectified matters, seemingly with ease. I should've called them around sooner.
Khloe M. 2022/06/03
I hired London Cleaners based on a recommendation from someone else in the building. It turned out to be a great recommendation. The office cleaning they did for me met my business's needs and was completed to a standard I was very happy with.
Peter H. 2022/05/30
I put my faith in their office cleaning professionals to get our workspace shipshape before an important meeting. They left our premises looking beautiful and clean, looking like a professional place of work should look.
Norma H. 2022/05/19
I needed help with office cleaning. I put it on this firm to carry out the job. They did so brilliantly well. I'm glad I hired them when I did.
K. Pope 2022/05/17
The professional office cleaning they took care of for me is why I got my deposit back. I can't thank them enough for that.
Russell A 2022/05/05
I know I can palm jobs off into the capable hands of their officecleaning crew and that they won't let me down. I've hired them many times and they always come up trumps for me.
J. Whitford 2022/05/02
The office cleaning team carried out their work to the incredibly professional standard required of them. It was all very impressive. As a business, we'll certainly be using their services again.
Nadia H. 2022/05/02
The commercial cleaning service was exactly what was needed. I'd been stressing about doing all the cleaning work for some time. In the end, I decided to palm the responsibility off into the capable hands of this team, and they didn't let me down.
Jos A 2022/04/09
They did a great deal of office cleaning for me. I was very impressed with the standard of the cleaning. I'll certainly be looking to book them in again when in need, whenever any cleanliness issues arise.
Lindsay A 2022/03/02
In terms of professional cleaners, this is the company to call. I've done so many times over the years for all sorts of tasks. They never disappoint and always carry out fantastic work.
Sally H 2022/02/10
I banked on them to deliver the high-standard office cleaning required. The fantastic professionals they sent over didn't let me down. Our business will be hiring them again, when in need.
Jas A 2022/02/04
Their office cleaning professionals arrived on time, raring to go. They listened to instructions and carried out a fantastic, thorough clean of our offices. I'd recommend them to any business, to any office worker.
Melina R. 2022/01/12
I couldn't have asked for a better commercial cleaning service from this company. They put in a tremendous amount of effort and accomplished everything asked of them to a high standard.
R. Stomar 2022/01/04
I can't rate this terrific team of office cleaners, highly enough! I gave them a tough job. They handled the lot like the professionals I'd been hoping they'd be.
J. Glynn 2021/12/10
I've hired pretty much every single one of their cleaning services at one point or another. They're cheap to hire and their professional services have kept my house looking clean, in good condition.
Paul O. 2021/11/11
I highly recommend London Cleaners services. They do an excellent job at a price you can afford.
Nagina S. 2021/10/30
I asked a lot of their office cleaners. The fantastic team from London Cleaners didn't disappoint. They did a great job, completed everything asked of them and all to a high standard.
Pauly M. 2021/10/27
If you need house or office cleaning services, call this company.
Oliver K. 2021/10/27
I used London Cleaners to do some office cleaning for me. I was impressed.
Tim A 2021/10/13
Our business always relies on their office cleaning team to carry out work for us. We usually hire them when important clients are coming over, or when we have meetings. They always leave our office space looking presentable.
Harry K. 2021/10/06
I love using this company for office cleaning. I love how fresh the office smells when they are finished.
Brenda T. 2021/09/13
I recently opened up a business. I hired them for their office cleaning services. They come weekly, and I am happy with their office cleaning services.
S. Hazelwood 2021/09/07
I got all of my cleaning tasks done within a couple of hours and I was very pleased with the outcome. They left my house looking beautifully clean, in brilliant condition. I'd recommend this company to others.
Henry H. 2021/08/28
I just purchased office space. The space was dirty. I could not do business in such a filthy place. I hired this company for their deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, and general office cleaning services. They did an incredible job. I can now bring customers into my office without shame or embarrassment.
Paul N. 2021/08/17
If you ever need office cleaning services this is the go-to company. They offer the best office cleaning services to be found.
Peter H. 2021/07/24
I hired this cleaning company for some work. They proved to be a crack team of professionals who did splendidly well for me. I'm certainly going to keep them in mind for future use.
Amanda L. 2021/07/16
If you are ever in need of office cleaning for your business, I suggest trying this company. They clean my office weekly and do an excellent job.
Kourtney A 2021/07/03
I reached out to them and detailed what needed to be done. They assured me they'd be able to handle the task and achieve great results. They didn't let me down. The clean carpet they left me with was just fantastically clean.
K. Jonas 2021/06/09
I told their cleaning team to pay specific attention to my kitchen. They listened to instructions and left all of my appliances, inside and out, including my oven, beautifully clean. It was as though my kitchen had never been used!
Freddie M. 2021/05/28
When I searched office cleaners, I found this company. I tried them, and I have to say I am so glad I found them. I am going to hire them monthly for their office cleaning services. Definitely.
R. Cockcroft 2021/05/18
London Cleaners offered great rates for commercial cleaning. I had them clean our office space. It was simple dealing with them, and they stuck to their promises. It was all very professional throughout.
Aly S. 2021/05/07
Their office cleaning team knew how to operate in an operational place of business. They didn't get in the way, just provided a top clean, great service.
Daniel T. 2021/05/04
This company can even do office cleaning. I am very glad with the service they provided.
Tina H. 2021/04/29
I sorted out a cost-effective office cleaning schedule with this company. It's one everyone at our business is very happy with. We're always left delighted after their team has completed the service too.
R. Boyle 2021/04/17
Their office cleaning service came in really handy. We had clients coming around to our offices for an unexpected, urgent meeting. They got the area looking neat, clean, tidy, presentable and professional, in a jiffy.
Jess S. 2021/04/02
When I came across this company, I found a cost-effective solution to our office cleaning requirements. They just did terrifically well for our business and have continued doing so.
Mary T. 2019/11/28
I appreciated speaking with the guys and them trying to schedule cleaning my office. The crew was so efficient and pleasant to be around, and they even shared a few tips for me in keeping my home clean in the future! I will recommend them to anyone I come in contact with.
Jim C. 2019/10/19
London Cleaners has been cleaning my office building for a while now, and they always do a fantastic job. They go above and beyond to get the job done, and are very nice to have in my workplace.
Stephanie F. 2019/09/11
I love this company! They are always on time and very friendly. Easy to schedule cleans online or over the phone. I highly recommend to anyone!
Megan J. 2019/08/24
Very happy with the service; the cleaning crew came to office cleaning after a remodel, and they were extremely fast and efficient, very nice! London Cleaners made time to squeeze me in at the last minute. I'm pleased with the service and will have them come back.
Karen N. 2019/07/17
Just had the first cleaning of our new office done, and it's beautiful!! Thank you so much for your cleaning crew! We love it!!
Nicole M. 2019/05/09
The crew was so nice and efficient. I like the cleaning products they use. What I also liked is that the products are pet-friendly too. We have a dog, so that's a big benefit. They did such a great job at our office building, and will be using London Cleaners again!
Rachel W. 2019/04/16
You guys did a great job!! Great detailed work. Thank you!
Monica D. 2019/03/23
I have nothing but positive things to say about London Cleaners. They were super responsive and communicative and were able to squeeze in a couple of jobs at the last minute. I'll use this cleaning service again in the future.
Isaac S. 2019/03/14
The staff did a phenomenal job with a large, oddly office! Spotless and with great attention to details. Prompt communication and service as well, I'll be recommending to other people who need cleaning.
Renea W. 2019/01/05
The cleaning crew showed up on time and cleaned the office from the baseboards on up. We could not be happier with the service that was provided!