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Rug Cleaning Done by Professionals with London Cleaners

We understand under rug cleaning! Some might consider it as just a simple clean-up that everyone is able to do at home. In fact, it’s the whole process of removing dust, stains, dirt, sand, mites and germs from a rug. If you want your rug to have a longer life, you should maintain it regularly and properly. This requires special knowledge of how to clean it in the most efficient way. Successful cleaning equals a longer life of your rug. Do you really want to risk damaging it by unsuitable treatment or lack of one whatsoever? Of course, you don’t. Nobody would want to shorten the life of a rug knowing that it can be lengthened. The simplest way it could be done is by choosing London Cleaners.

London Rug Cleaning

When picking out a rug you take your time to find the best match, the ones that suit your taste most and the one that goes perfectly with the interior of a room. It supposes that selecting a rug requires dedicating time for some research until finding the right one. But after you’ve already chosen the one you like, you have to think about how to maintain it in order to keep it longer. You’ve spent time choosing it, so why waste more worrying about cleaning it? It’s obvious that the rug is valuable to you since you’ve given so much attention to picking it out. And we are aware of that, no doubt about it. That’s why we offer our help to you. We are here to facilitate the rug cleaning process by doing the clean-up for you. Isn’t that helpful! We would say that it’s even more than helpful because we also do it with pleasure. Our specialists are devoted to their job, and we can acknowledge their work as greatly performed. We put our trust in them without reservation, and that’s what you should do as well.

Rugs require special professional care since they are made of fine fabrics. That’s where our experts are needed the most. They have knowledge of how to treat different fabrics and what kind of cleaning agents are allowed to be used on them regarding the preservation of the rug for a longer period of time. You can always rely on them to find the perfect combination of a detergent and a rug. First, we start by removing the dust and sand on the surface of the rug, and then we continue with the deep cleaning.

There are many technologies that we use, but the most important is the result afterwards. You get a rug that practically looks like new – with revived colours and without any trace of stains, germs, sand or mites. Having a dirty rug is unhealthy for you. It accumulates dust and all other unpleasant things that we’ve already mentioned. Knowing that you walk on something with so much bacteria on it should bother you. Maybe your children play on the rug every day and have contact with all kinds of germs. If you want to stop being anxious about all this, you can use our services at any time. We would be lucky to assist you and explain to you everything you are concerned about. One thing is for sure – walking on a freshly cleaned rug is much better than worrying about its cleanness. There’s no place for much thinking here. The inevitable question is not whether but when. The single answer is our company! You simply have to pick up the phone and call on 020 3397 3245. We’re always here for you!

Our Testimonials
Claire H 2022/08/03
I was thinking about having to throw my rug away. It was in such a bad state. I hired their rug cleaning professionals as a final attempt to do something about the situation. The job they did for me saved me a lot of money and hassle.
Andy S. 2022/06/24
I got the right type of rug cleaning help, when I reached out to this company. I detailed everything to them beforehand, so they knew just what needed to be done on the day. They came through for me.
S. Woodgrave 2022/06/19
I found their team to be hard-working rug cleaning professionals. They did plenty for us what has to be said, not a lot of time. They assured me they'd be able to complete everything. Their work ethic on the day was a sight to behold. They completed the jobs in a professional, systematic manner.
E. Plant 2022/06/14
I regularly hire London Cleaners for rug cleaning jobs. Whoever they send, regardless of the specificities of the service, they always carry out top work. Booking them is highly recommended.
D. Scott 2022/06/11
Their rug cleaners did a great job for me. It wasn't an easy job. My rug was in a seriously grubby state. I was amazed that they were able to clean to such a high standard.
D. Orton 2022/06/08
I always get my cleaning done with this company. They're cheap to hire and always clean to a high standard, to my specifications. Their teams are trustworthy and reliable too.
Peter J. 2022/06/04
I love having their cleaners work on my rug. I've hired London Cleaners many times and can always rely on them to carry out superb work. They always achieve a terrific standard of cleaning and have never let me down.
K. Statham 2022/06/01
After reading good things about them, I palmed my rug cleaning duties off onto them. They did everything that was needed in super-quick time. It would've taken me an age to get close!
Sarah A 2022/05/31
I hired their cleaning crew and was very happy with what they were able to achieve for me. It was a brilliant service. I gave them a lot to handle and they did so superbly.
Rio H. 2022/05/30
The rug cleaning help they provided was exactly what was required. I detailed what needed to be done to them, and they carried out the jobs to perfection. I got everything completed for a good price too.
Ben H. 2022/05/28
I needed them to sort out rug cleaning for me. They assured me they'd be able to achieve results. They did more than that. They left my rug in a glorious state, looking totally new.
John A. 2022/05/21
They got on the rug cleaning jobs as soon as they arrived. Everything was done to a high standard. It was brilliant. I'm glad I came across London Cleaners when I did. I'll be entrusting them with future jobs.
Tiana H 2022/05/12
I rate their rug cleaning team very highly. I've had them around a number of times. They always impress with the standard of their work. I'd thoroughly recommend booking them in for any household cleaning task.
Kaley A 2022/05/05
They handled my house cleaning superbly. I put a lot on their plate. Pretty much my entire property needed a deep clean. They left every room spick and span.
L. Vale 2022/04/07
The rug cleaning carried out was done to a superb standard. Their hard work and efforts saved me from having to buy a new rug. I was grateful for that, as my rug had sentimental value.
Gareth A 2022/04/03
I got all of the cleaning jobs I needed sorting done for a fair price. I'm glad I decided to do some research into companies beforehand, that I came across them when I did.
Belinda H 2022/03/12
The rug cleaning was done to a brilliant standard. To be honest, when I returned after the service everything was so beautiful!
S. Groves 2022/03/04
I banked on their cleaning professionals to deliver and I'm pleased to report that they didn't let me down. The standard of service was exceptional. My house hadn't looked that clean in a very long time.
Dawn S 2022/03/03
I relied on their expert carpet cleaners to sort out the messy situation. Their crack team of professionals didn't let me down.
Eric A 2022/02/07
The rug cleaning professionals sorted out all of the cleanliness issues my carpet was faced with. It was a great service, one that restored my beautiful carpet to its former glory.
Colin S. 2022/01/05
They're a great cleaning company to deal with. They're just so professional, and things are refreshingly simple dealing with them, as it should be. I'd recommend hiring their crews to anyone.
Kelly M. 2021/11/25
My friend told me about this cleaning company. I gave them a try and loved how they left my rug so fresh and clean.
William B. 2021/11/05
Most affordable rug cleaning service.
Amanda 2021/10/30
London Cleaners left my rug smelling fresh and clean. I am so glad to know they can clean for me when I need them to.
Tina D. 2021/10/29
I hired this company for deep rug cleaning. They did an excellent job.
William J. 2021/09/18
If you need cleaning services this is the company to call. I used them, and I am just happy with their service. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a little help with their cleaning.
Greg M. 2021/08/26
My rugs look amazing. I cannot believe how well their cleaning service did in my home.
Sal J. 2021/08/15
I had never used a cleaning service before. When I moved, I purchased a home with dirty carpets. I hired them for their carpet cleaning services. I can not believe how clean the carpets are now! Thank you so much. I am grateful.
Denise J. 2021/08/04
My son's bedroom rug was dingy and stained. We didn't have the money to replace it, so we hired London Cleaners to perform rug cleaning services for us. The rug is now so bright. Thank you so much.
Sadie H. 2021/07/30
This cleaning company consists of a team of professionals. Whenever I hire them for any type of work, they come through for me. I'd recommend hiring them for anyone whose house needs a bit of sprucing up.
Russell E. 2021/07/07
I'd recommend this cleaning company to anybody. I've used London Cleaners several times. Regardless of the service, I've hired them for, the specificities of the job, they always do top work. If you need a professional job doing hire this company.
K. Lindsey 2021/06/30
The cleaning crew they sent did a great job doing what was asked of them. I thought I'd put a lot on their plate, especially for just an hour but they proceeded to complete everything, demonstrating why they're the professionals.
Violet M. 2021/06/10
I utilise their rug cleaning services when things are piling up at home. They always get the job done, do brilliantly for me.
Charlie S. 2021/06/05
I hire their cleaners and just know that they're going to do a great job for me. They've never failed when it comes to that. They're a top team of professionals, are just a great company as far as I'm concerned.
Peter H. 2021/05/27
I regularly hire their cleaning services. Over the years, I've hired them for all sorts of jobs. They never fail to impress. They have wonderful teams operating in my local area. It's well worth hiring them.
Sally M. 2021/05/13
I am so pleased with the rug cleaning services London Cleaners provided. My rugs look brand new and smell so good!
Glen S. 2021/05/04
I want to offer my gratitude to London Cleaners' rug cleaners. What they did for me was just amazing. They restored my rug back to its former glory.
F. Robinson 2021/04/28
Their rug cleaning team used the right treatments on my delicate rug. They didn't damage the tassels or the rug itself. It had been a long time since I'd seen my rug looking so clean.
Russell S. 2021/04/04
I thought the rug cleaning job would be tricky. It was a delicate job. But London Cleaners achieved a great clean, handled it like the professionals I'd desperately been hoping they'd be.
Jerry H. 2021/03/25
I needed rug cleaning done. I hired them. They came out promptly without charging me an arm and a leg. The rugs were professionally cleaned.
Gerald D. 2019/11/28
They are on time and do a great job! Attention to detail and they were very fast and efficient. My rugs have never looked so clean!
Jason 2019/11/11
Great rug cleaning services! Will use again!
Drew B. 2019/10/28
What would we do without London Cleaners? We have been using their services for a while, but they continually impress us with their service. They do an amazing job of cleaning our rugs. They are always so respectful and professional.
Annie K. 2019/10/11
They did a wonderful job and worked tirelessly for two hours for rugs clean. Would highly recommend.
Kim D. 2019/09/12
I could not be happier with this rug cleaning company, they were great with communication, did a wonderful job and put in extra effort, and time for us. They were super reasonable in what they charged and went above and beyond. I would be very happy to use them again.
Tyler N. 2019/05/17
We previously used a different rug cleaning company and never felt like they were doing as good of a job as they should. Since switching to London Cleaners, we have been happy as can be. They do a fantastic job. I would and have recommended them to anyone! Thanks!
Jeff A. 2019/04/28
Had a rug cleaning done. The staff were on time, the estimate was precise, my rugs were perfect when they left, and they are very nice professional people. Bravo!
Kelly S. 2019/04/12
I definitely will recommend London Cleaners to anyone looking for a rug cleaning service! My husband and I reached out to this company after another cleaning company flaked on us.
Rachel S. 2019/03/18
The staff was very easy to work with and very thorough! We needed a good deep rug clean before the holidays, and they were able to schedule us the last minute. Definitely on the "nice" list and will be using them again.
Wes P. 2019/01/27
I went to work on a Monday, and they came home to a clean the rugs! They did a great job; I've signed on for 12 months, every 2 weeks domestic cleaning! Yay for a year of not cleaning my house! Thanks, guys for all the hard work!