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The one thing we at London Cleaners pride ourselves most on is the outstanding service we provide to our customers, and we sincerely believe that this is what sets us apart from any other home cleaning service in Shacklewell, N16. We never presume to know what our customers need from our cleaners, and so we will always makes sure to carry out a full domestic cleaning assessment before we dust even one shelf. We want to make sure what we deliver is perfect for you, so we'll pull out all the stops to makes sure that happens. If you'd like to know more about our customer service commitment, or the cleaning services we provide in E8, just call 020 3397 3245 today.

How Can You Get Your Carpets Back to Their Former Glory?

Carpets are infamous for being one of the quickest and easiest furnishings to get dirty, while also being one of the most difficult furnishings to get clean. We've seen it numerous times in our line of work, people do what they can to maintain their carpets, but soon find it's not enough, and soon call in our cleaners in N16 area to do a steam cleaning or similar to help their carpet look as good as new. In most cases, customers call us in as a last resort, and assume there's little that we can do to help. But we delight in being able to surprise them, and with our carpet cleaning service, pleasant surprises are what we deliver to Shacklewell. See for yourself by calling 020 3397 3245.

Your Home in N16 Region Can Help Your Health

Our customers are frequently surprised when we tell them what an impact a clean home can have in their health; they often assume we are talking nonsense or just trying to sell extra service. That is until they see the change for themselves. With even one-off house cleaning in N16, customers have seen improvements in overall health, respiratory problems have decreased, allergies have died down, and skin conditions have improved. After this, they are usually sold, and quickly realise that one of the best ways to maintain their health is to keep on top of the cleaning at home, whether that's with our expert cleaners or doing it themselves. We are just grateful to be able to help Shacklewell residents stay safe.

Your Guide to Shacklewell

e8 carpeted floor cleaning across n16Housed in the London borough of Hackney, Shacklewell is known for its green spaces which include Shacklewell Green and Stoke Newington Common, and Shacklewell Washing Baths. Also nearby are the areas of Stoke Newington, Dalston, and Hackney Down. One of the local schools is Petchey Academy. There is no distinct travel network in the area, but due to its close proximity to Dalston, access to the city centre is simple via Dalston Junction overground station or the numerous transport options in nearby Stoke Newington. The area represents a diverse and interesting cross section of cultures, and entertainment activities that can be enjoyed by all.

Cut Costs, Not Quality

The last thing you want to happen when hiring professional cleaners is to find they do a poor job, and then have to do it again yourself. That is something we definitely don't want to happen when you hire our cleaning services. This is why we are proud to be a cleaning company that offers the people of Shacklewell the service they deserve. But that's not all we are proud of, we are also proud to be able to offer the lowest prices in all of N16 and E8. At London Cleaners we know hiring a cleaning team isn't necessarily something everyone can afford, so we want to change this. Call 020 3397 3245 to book your appointment, and discover the lowest prices around, guaranteed.

Our Testimonials
Nisha G. 2021/09/07
I rate their domestic cleaning professionals extremely highly. That's based on the two times I've hired them for work in Shacklewell N16. In my opinion, based on previous experiences with other companies, no company cleans better.
Nick Dawson 2020/12/16
I invited a few mates over while I was watching my older sister's flat in Shacklewell N16. Somehow, the place got trashed. I ended up calling these cleaners to get it all taken care of.