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With a range of top-class cleaning services available, fully trained cleaners and the lowest prices, it's easy to see why so many regard London Cleaners as the number one cleaning company in Somers Town. Yet, it's also in other ways that we give such value. We're eco-friendly, using steam cleaning techniques with services like upholstery cleaning. We are easy to deal with and hire. You can contact us online twenty four hours a day or else call us on 020 3397 3245. You can come back to a perfectly clean house on a regular basis without having to do the hard work. You can have specific cleaning done for a price that's way lower than you'll find elsewhere. These are just some of the benefits you'll find by using our cleaning agency in NW1 so why not give us a call today?

Want to Have a Carpet that Looks Back to Its Best?

Thanks to our advanced cleaning techniques, we can transform your carpet back to looking at its best. By coming to your address and carrying out the job where you are, we will cause less disruption and you will benefit from our quick drying system. Getting your carpet clean isn't all about appearance. It's about hygiene and the well-being of those who are in its environment. A carpet can be the breeding ground for all kinds of things if the floor covering isn't cleaned. Our carpet cleaning in Somers Town NW1 gets right down into the fibres of the carpet. You'll have a fresher, brighter and healthier carpet in no time at all. Our expert cleaners will impress you with how they can transform your carpet or rug. Call us now on 020 3397 3245 and get a free quote!

Need End Of Tenancy Cleaners That Won't Let You Down?

Just as you don't want your landlord to let you down and not give your deposit back, so our end of tenancy cleaning in Somers Town won't let you down. We offer professional flat cleaning that gets any living space looking bright, welcoming and attractive. Just what you need when you want to impress your landlord. Working thoroughly and going from room to room, our highly trained cleaners will clean your property and ensure that you will get your deposit back. We know because we have the experience and the expertise in doing this kind of work. We also keep our prices as low as possible because we understand you may be on a tight budget. With our cleaning services in NW1, quality comes at a cheaper price.

after tenancy cleaning in somers townLearn a Little More about Somers Town

Somers Town is situated between St Pancras and Euston and Kings Cross railway stations. It takes its name from the 1st Baron Somers who lived here during the 18th century. Today its most famous building is perhaps the British library which opened in 1998. Just behind the British Library is the Francis Crick Institute, its opening is said to be one of the most significant events in UK biomedical science for over a generation. Another iconic building is St Pancras Old Church, a religious site is thought by some to have existed here since AD314. The area has, naturally, excellent transport links. Somers Town is part of the London Borough of Camden.

Discover Our Low Prices for Amazing Quality Services around NW1 Area

Naturally, as professional cleaners working in homes and businesses in Somers Town, London Cleaners understands the importance of cleaning. In fact, we believe, it can't be over-estimated just how important living in a clean environment is. Your home should be a place you can feel safe in that means not having nasty bacteria, bugs or just good old simple dirt and dust lurking here and there in your home. By having home cleaning done on a regular basis by a cleaning company you can trust, you'll never have to worry about that again. Our trained and fully vetted cleaners in NW1 can come to your home, or office, and clean to the highest professional standard for the lowest possible price. Ring us on 020 3397 3245 and receive your free quote to see what great value our comprehensive house cleaning is. Book now!

Our Testimonials
S. Bischoff 2021/09/07
I got my house cleaning done in NW1 the day after I reached out to them. I loved the thoroughness of their work.
Jim 2021/05/05
I use their cleaners for my NW1 end of tenancy cleaning needs. They are cheap and effective.