Tips For a Quick House Cleaning

How to Clean Your House Quickly and Effectively?


Have you ever managed to do a full house cleaning quickly and effectively? Do you want to be able to clean your whole house without this chore taking half of your day or weekend? Don’t think that this is an impossible task. Just like maid services prove that it can be done within a reasonable time frame, so can you. One of the reasons for doing a quick housecleaning is when you are going to have guests. Some people simply like to call a few hours before they arrive. This may seem like a really short notice for a full house cleaning, but it really isn’t. As long as you know which areas to clean and how to clean them, you can manage in less than an hour. Having a presentable home is important –you don’t want people to think that you are lazy, messy and disorganized in general just because you haven’t found enough time to clean before they show up. Here are a few useful tips on how to do a fast house cleanup and save your home from the mess.

First of all, it is good to have a home cleanup schedule. This will help you determine which areas to focus on if you are not exactly sure. Go through each of your rooms and think – will anybody enter the room? Would you have to provide a bed for anyone? The least you can do in the bedrooms is dust the furniture, vacuum and mop the floors. Tidy up and give a wipe down to the closet and cabinets. Look at the window sill and the windows. If you don’t have time for a full window cleaning, then take a wet towel and clean the sill and the frames where most of the dirt is and it is quite visible. Pull the curtains to hide any stained areas. After all, nobody’s home is perfectly clean all the time.

Concentrate on the living room if that’s where the gathering will mostly be. It needs to look tidy and presentable. Dust the furniture, the books and the cabinets. Gather the trash and tidy up. Dust the cushions and brush vacuum the sofa and armchairs. Clean the table with a special cleaner for whatever the surface is made of. Look at the plants – this area is often overlooked by homeowners but it speaks volumes. Dust leaves say one thing – this person only waters their plants but pays no attention to how they actually look like. Take a damp cloth and wipe their leaves. Wipe down the window sill and then concentrate on the electronics which gather dust quickly. Use a glass cleaner for the TV screen, clean the DVD player and the CD player. After you are finished with these tasks vacuum and mop the floors. Pay attention to the hallway and dust the furniture there too. Tidy up the shoes and put some of them in the closet to clear out some space. Another area you should pay particular attention to is the kitchen. Chances are somebody will follow you there to help you with the dishes or the drinks and it matters what they will see. As this is where you prepare food, keep food and eat, it must be the cleanest area at home, otherwise it just looks nasty. Wipe down the cabinets and dust the furniture and the appliances. Deal with drink spills and stains on the baseboard. Clean the sink and tidy up. Make sure your fridge doesn’t look like a total mess either. Make sure you unclutter the area and your home will look much better. Spray some air freshener or perfume and you are done.