Treat Your Carpet Right

How to Keep Your Carpet in Good Condition


Having a carpet makes every homeowner proud as it adds that special fancier look to their home. A beautiful carpet can make any room look classy, elegant and cosy, but above all, a carpet brings comfort which is associated with the warm feeling of being at home and feeling welcomed. A room can look much more appealing with a fine carpet. However, owning a carpet is a responsibility and it takes lots of work to keep it looking like new. Most of us cannot spend a fortune every other year to renew our carpets and we know that carpet maintenance is essential in order to preserve the fibres and the softness of it. A carpet is an investment and as such it takes effort to keep it presentable and in a good condition. The only thing worse than a dirty and messy home is a dirty carpet. No other area or piece of furniture makes such a strong impression as the carpet. Guests will inevitably look down at one moment and if they see nasty stains, dust, dirt and hairs they won’t think much of you. Keeping the carpet in an immaculate condition means regular cleaning and proper maintenance. If you don’t know how to treat your carpets and rugs properly, then you need to learn to until it’s too late and they are ruined by too much traffic, dirt and drink spills. Here are the basic things that you should know about your carpet and how to maintain it in a good condition.

1. Clean The Carpet Regularly – Even though it is common sense, many people prefer to clean their carpets only after they start noticing the dirt. If you don’t vacuum a carpet for days all the dirt that goes on it will penetrate the fibres on a really deep level while you walk on it. Areas with heavy traffic tend to gather lots of dirt quite quickly. The dirt build-up is inevitable, but with regular cleaning, at least the carpet won’t be ruined. Don’t leave the carpet for weeks without cleaning it because you can damage it permanently.

2. Vacuum The Carpet Thoroughly -  Vacuuming your carpet is simply a must. Vacuuming daily will gather the dirt, dust and other particles. However, vacuuming cannot clean the carpet in-depth or remove any stains, drink spills or greasy spots. It will save the carpet from looking filthy and nasty though.

3. For Best Results Trust Professional Carpet Cleaning – Having your carpets cleaned professionally once a year will guarantee their longer life. It may look like a big investment paying for dry or steam cleaning but these methods give the best results. On the other hand, make sure that once a year you spend some time cleaning your carpets. You can easily do it at home – in the bathroom or on the terrace. There are plenty of quality carpet cleaning products on the market that you can use for this purpose. If you don’t have the time or the skills to do it on your own though, hire professional cleaners – they have the necessary tools and experience to clean your carpets perfectly in a timely manner.

Whichever method you choose to ensure that you treat drink spills and stain as soon as they happen – otherwise, you are risking to ruin your carpet permanently. Vacuuming, stain removing, washing and steam cleaning are all necessary practices which guarantee longer life for your carpets.