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Cleaning of upholstery is a tricky task if you lack the necessary skills, knowledge and approaches. It should be done by professionals, especially if your sofas, chairs or settees are vintage and valuable. But even if they aren’t, you wouldn’t want to ruin your furniture by treating them the wrong way. LondonCleaners.co.uk provides all the right methods for taking care of them properly. If you try cleaning them on your own, it’s quite possible that you might end up with a bigger mess than you had before making such an attempt. When you’re not sure what exactly needs to be done, and you try to get rid of a stain, it’s better not to undertake anything on your own. Call the experts, that is, us! The difference between a well-cleaned upholstery and a half-done job lies in the initial choice of a reliable cleaning company.

We refuse to accept your furniture just as some people’s belongings. We are looking after them as if they are ours. Our greater concern is that you are pleased to the highest level possible. That’s why our dedicated specialists make sure that we provide high-quality services. They start by looking at the fabric of your upholstered furniture. Then they proceed with choosing the detergent that is most suitable for the kind of material these pieces of furniture are made of. We can say that they find the perfect combination of those two. Protection of the fabric and picking the proper cleaning agent come hand-in-hand. Upholstery cleaning requires much attention of the one that is doing it. As we said before, some of the items we have to clean are extremely valuable, not only as far as price goes, but also regarding the sentimental value that particular pieces of furniture have for their owners. We forgot to mention that we always use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

What happens to your upholstered furniture is that their stains are completely removed and the colour of the upholstery won’t fade but will actually brighten. They will look almost like brand new ones. We are aware that some fabrics can be extremely difficult to work with, but there’s nothing our trained technicians can’t cope with. Challenges help us aspire to achieve more and to develop progressively. Among such fabrics are wool, velvet, Haitian cotton and others that can’t be cleaned by using the conventional methods. This is when the knowledge of our well-prepared experts is most needed. Their speciality is to get rid of all kinds of stains, spots and soils and to leave the fabric in perfect condition afterwards. No damages or lighter colours are wanted.

Our company also uses special equipment that help us to clean the folds and crevices of your upholstered furniture. As professionals, we can assure you that we’ve thought of everything in advance since we have the necessary experience to know what we’ll need once we come to your house. In just a short time we can proceed with the cleaning without dawdling at all.

And after cleaning your chairs, sofas or settees, we can give some good tips on how to maintain them clean for longer. Our well-informed professionals know all there is to be known about upholstery cleaning. They are ready to willingly share all the tricks they are aware of concerning cleaning of the upholstery.

So, what are you still waiting for? Every house has upholstered furniture that needs to be freshened up a little. Our company does this not only professionally but also for real! We can’t prove how good we really are unless you take the initiative to ring us up on 020 3397 3245.

Our Testimonials
Kourtney H. 2022/06/24
I wanted clean upholstery and that's just what I got when I hired this firm for the job.
Belinda J. 2022/06/23
Their cleaners did brilliantly well in what was a tough situation. Doing such a massive amount of work within the time I'd hired them for was no mean feat. I'd definitely recommend getting them on board.
Candice H. 2022/06/20
I trusted their cleaners with the job of cleaning my sofas. It was a tough job, but they were up to it and left them looking beautiful and clean.
Rio H. 2022/06/18
Their professional cleaners were up to the challenge of cleaning my upholstery. They thoroughly cleaned every surface and ensured it was all left beautifully cleaned and sanitised.
K. Hughes 2022/06/15
As professional cleaning services go, you can bank on this firm to deliver. I've used them many times for all sorts of jobs. They never disappoint.
Faye H. 2022/06/11
I love the fact that I can hire their cleaning services whenever I'm in need and that they always have teams available. Whoever London Cleaners send around, and regardless of the specificities of the service, they always end up doing a top job for me.
Khloe M. 2022/06/06
I got my upholstery cleaned to a standard I'd been hoping for, for a very good price when I hired them for the job. I'd definitely recommend booking them in.
Jonathan S. 2022/06/04
The work their upholstery cleaning team did for me restored my upholstered furniture, which had gotten rather grubby after never having been cleaned, to its former glory. I can't thank them enough for that.
Iwona H. 2022/05/31
The upholstery cleaning team achieved results for me I didn't think would be possible. I don't know how they did it. It was mightily impressive.
Kyle H 2022/05/19
The upholstery cleaning service was desperately needed. I'd recommend getting [COMPANY NAME] on board to anyone whose upholstery is in need of some sprucing up.
Andy A 2022/05/12
The upholstery cleaning they carried out for me spruced up the state of my upholstered furniture and got it all looking beautiful and clean again.
Haley H. 2022/05/10
I told their upholstery cleaners to thoroughly clean my kitchen. It was the deep clean it needed. I got it taken care of for what I deemed to be a very good price too.
Sadie H 2022/05/04
The upholstery cleaning [COMPANY NAME] carried out for me really did make a difference. I was a tad sceptical at first. That soon melted away when I saw my upholstered furniture at the end of the service.
Andy A 2022/04/07
The upholstery cleaning they carried out for me spruced up the state of my upholstered furniture and got it all looking beautiful and clean again.
Phoebe A 2022/04/02
I found the house cleaners that came around to help me out to be trustworthy and reliable. Importantly, they carried out a terrific cleaning for me. I'd thoroughly recommend them.
Sadie H 2022/03/09
The upholstery cleaning [COMPANY NAME] carried out for me did make a difference. I was a tad sceptical at first. That soon melted away when I saw them at work when I saw my upholstered furniture at the end of the service.
William H 2022/03/07
I hired their house cleaners and instructed them to pay special attention to my bathroom and kitchen areas. They were in the right state. They listened to instructions and carried out a fantastic clean, leaving those rooms gleaming clean. The outcome was better than I could've wished for.
Kyle H 2022/03/02
The upholstery cleaning service was desperately needed. What [COMPANY NAME] did for me, the standard of the clean was just fantastic. I'd recommend getting them on board to anyone whose upholstery is in need of some sprucing up.
Amy A 2022/02/02
I want to thank this company. The upholstery cleaning they carried out for me served to rejuvenate the state of my upholstered furniture. It's well worth the little amount it cost hiring them. The difference was remarkable.
John S. 2022/01/12
The sofa cleaners possessed a tremendous work ethic, did everything possible to complete what I needed doing during the service. They were successful and didn't rush.
Lee S. 2022/01/03
I got the cleaners from London Cleaners on board for a big job. They handled it like a top team of professionals should. I'll be hiring them again.
R. Woodward 2021/12/18
It's cheap to hire their cleaning services. I did my research before hiring them. After experiencing what they're all about, they're the firm that probably does the best job too.
Carissa H. 2021/11/27
The sofa cleaning professionals from London Cleaners worked their magic on my dirty sofas. I honestly thought the situation would be beyond hope, but I thought I'd give it a final try. They did brilliantly.
Paul O. 2021/11/18
London Cleaners offers upholstery cleaning services too. They did a great job at my home.
Ingrid S. 2021/11/12
If you need an upholstery cleaning service, I highly recommend this company.
Peter W. 2021/11/05
There are several cleaning companies, but this one always seems to do its best with upholstery cleaning.
Sally K. 2021/10/07
I just moved. My new flat came with some old furniture that needed cleaning. I hired London Cleaners for their upholstery cleaning services and was shocked to see that they made the old furniture look like new! I was so glad I hired them. Outstanding job.
Denise L. 2021/10/06
I threw a party last week, and my home needed cleaning. I hired London Cleaners for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and general cleaning services. I was so thrilled with the job they did I told all my friends.
Tim L. 2021/09/29
The professional upholstery cleaning service was what my tired old furniture needed. London Cleaners did terrifically well for me. What they did serve to rejuvenate the shabby state of my furniture.
Faye S. 2021/09/13
What their upholstery cleaning team did for my furniture worked wonders for the state of my furniture. I'm glad I took the decision to hire them.
Bobby K. 2021/08/30
London Cleaners offers the best upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning services.
Oliver A. 2021/08/16
If you need upholstery cleaning, this is the company to call. They are the best.
Julie S. 2021/08/08
I hired London Cleaners for upholstery cleaning based on a recommendation I received from a friend. It turned out to be a great recommendation. All of my upholstered furniture look brand new. I can't thank them enough.
R. Walden 2021/07/29
Id never hired an upholstery cleaning service before. A friend of mine made the suggestion. I gave them a go and I'm glad I did because the outcome, the way they made my upholstered furniture look, was terrific.
Paige K. 2021/07/15
I had never hired a company to perform cleaning services before, but when I bought my home, it was a challenge for me to do everything myself as it was so large. London Cleaners comes in regularly to help with house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. I am so grateful.
Melanie S. 2021/06/08
What their upholstery cleaning team did for me certainly had an impact. They completely rejuvenated the state of my upholstery.
Wendy P. 2021/05/12
I heard about London Cleaners' upholstery cleaning services from a friend at work. My upholstery desperately needed cleaning, so I hired them. I don't believe how clean my furniture came. This company works magic.
Alex S. 2021/04/03
They sorted out my upholstery cleaning, and in doing so, turned around the shabby state of my old upholstered furniture. I was contemplating having to buy a load of new furniture. The service this company provided saved me a lot of money!
Carla H 2021/04/02
I booked their cleaners in for a service, hoping they'd be able to achieve something to improve the state of my carpet, even just a little bit. They did more than that.
Betty M. 2020/09/07
When my fianc� and I purchased our new house, we hired London Cleaners. They offered so many different cleaning services to us. Everything in the house got cleaned, from the carpets to the walls and upholstery. Wow. Amazing.
Stephen H. 2019/11/28
The cleaning crew did an excellent job when cleaning our furniture. They are very thorough, polite and accommodating. Even showed me a nice pet brush we can purchase locally to use in removing cat hair that somehow weaves itself into our sofa. We have been very pleased with their work.
Mindi M. 2019/11/16
Excellent service once again from London Cleaners! Punctual, hard-working, detailed and friendly - love this crew!
Michele R. 2019/10/20
What a great experience! The gals that came out to my house were professional, understanding of my dogs and kiddo, and did a fantastic job! They were thorough, and my house smells so clean and fresh! Thank you so much; I couldn't be happier!!!
Tacy W. 2019/09/13
I Love London Cleaners. The team do a fantastic job; they are always friendly, and our dog loves them! The last cleaning crew that was sent did an excellent job cleaning my furniture.
Barbara C. 2019/08/21
The cleaning crew arrived promptly and spent over three hours thoroughly upholstery cleaning. My furniture is spotless, and there are no more stains. Both cleaners were very professional and pleasant to have in my home. I would recommend this cleaning service to anyone in need!
Barb P. 2019/07/17
We have been using London Cleaners for over a year now. They are consistent, honest, and most importantly do a wonderful job! I am very picky and very seldom do they miss a thing. Thank you, guys, for doing such a great job each time!
Janet W. 2019/06/10
So far, so good! Easy to schedule and leave messages online. I have been satisfied with the work done.
Ryan L. 2019/05/22
I appreciated how kind they were to my dog as well as their attention to detail. I am very pleased with London Cleaners, and will use them again in the future for any cleaning needs!
Jennifer G. 2019/04/03
I just had my first upholstery cleaning and was very happy. The overall cleaning was great (even my husband commented on the cleaning) and the price was awesome for what you get. I will continue to use their service!
Amy 2019/01/19
Thank you for the job well done! I love coming home to a clean house! It's so nice to know that it's going to be done extremely well and worth it. I would highly recommend London Cleaners any day.